Banana Kush is finicky!

That’s a 6-week old Banana Kush seedling next to a 1-week old White Widow Auto. Both were germinated exactly the same, but damn, that BK has been giving me a hard time from Day 1!

I planted a BK, a Skywalker OG, and one each from the Patriot mixpack (AK47, Sour Diesel, Bubblegum), along with a couple WWAs. Everything grew just fine but the BK and Skywalker. Tried one more each, and only the BK popped, and it’s just been stunted in growth ever since.

I ended up taking it out of my regular seedling chamber and putting it alone in a 65W CFL tub by itself, and it seems to be growing now. I’m guessing the trouble with the new California strains is probably related to humidity and temperature. I think it’s been too dry and too cold. When I put it alone in a small tub with close range CFLs, it was much warmer, and that’s when it started to finally grow.

I’m holding off on my next Skywalker attempt until I can set up some better temp and humidity control in my grow area. But I’m gonna veg this BK for awhile (as if 6 weeks isn’t a long time already!), try and get some size to her before flower!

Can you tell me what your phing your water to and how high your lights are ? What type of soil are you using also ?


I haven’t checked pH in awhile, I use tap water, my soil usually tests in the 6.5 range, never had any problems with that before. My germination chamber is a plastic storage bin with a 12-inch, 12W LED grow light strip. All my other seeds pop there just fine. After 3 weeks or so, it still wasn’t growing, so I added a couple of 20W CFLs, sitting next to the plants.

A week later, I moved it to one of my veg chambers, a big plastic trash can with socket attached to the lid. I had it in there with 65W of CFL about 18 inches from the plant. It’s started growing, so last night I switched out the lighting again, now I have a 24W LED UFO light and I kept 40W of CFL as supplemental light and to provide some heat. The temp is in the upper 70s now, it was down to upper 60s sometimes before, I keep my place kind of cool in winter.

Anyway, seems to be doing better now. And man, my Patriot mixpack is doing great! I’ll snap a pic…


There are 5 plants here, on the right top is Sour Diesel (5-gal), and a Bubblegum (3-gal) I just took from a veg chamber to replace a recently harvested WWA. On the left (all 3-gal), on top are AK-47 and another Bubblegum, and at the bottom, you can see another small WWA peeking out, she harvests this weekend.

Gonna be some sweet smoke in my stash in a few weeks!! :smile:


Oh, the soil is Fox Farms Ocean Forest.

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may possibly be just a little hot to start a fussy strain in? I know my Bubblegum started super slow in a hotter soil


Old plant, maybe used up all the nutrients in those cotyledons

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I got her transplanted, and she’s doing great! Probably be ready to top in a week or so. I’m really looking forward to this strain, I think the key was switching from 12W LED to 64W CFL, I think the LEDs are a little harsh on the seedlings.