Banana Kush hydro grow

I am growing the Banana Kush strain in a bubblier setup and wanted to give those of you who are going to grow it some of my observations. During the seedling stage they are very fragile - more so than any strain I have grown. They are very sensitive to light so be careful. I did not feed them for the first 2 weeks, then in veg I used a 20% of the fertilizer recommended dosage/ They grew well once they got past the seedling stage. They also take longer to start budding, what usually took 2 weeks took three for the ‘explosion’. I am now at 4 weeks of light change

I figure at least 5 weeks till harvest,maybe 6. Hard to get going but easy to grow once they take off. Temps 73-82, ph 5.8 - 6, fertilizer 15/30/15 for veg. Using bloom for the budding. Hydroguard for the roots. The plants are a bit elongated because my lights are aging. I still am getting between 1800 - 2200 lumens at 3.5 feet. I did not train three of the plants - this is one of them - the other 5 are topped once.


I’m a soil guy myself @Hadarock1 but thought I tell you the girls look great :+1: keep up the good job


Looking good! Thanks for the strain tips :v::bear:

Ive got 2 ban kush going in promix. I lost the first 2 in germination process. Ive grew before & high is fantastic but medium yield.

This is 7 days later.


Does anybody know how many different phenotypes there is with the Banana Kush and if so what they are