Banana Kush, Gorilla Glue, Sour Head strains


Was a pleasure watching. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Congratulations :tada:




Thx @Poseidon, Happy Holidays to you too ! Feel free to tag me in any of your grows.


You did a great job, congratulations on your harvest!


Thank you @raustin I have learned so much reading your ILGM posts supporting grows.:sunglasses::+1:


I will guess you lose closer to 80%, looks great, good job!


Oh yeah , 4 days the small stuff, go from 22 grams wet to 4 grams dry for example.


Wow! Yep. This journal was amazeballs! Truly been a pleasure watching these girls. I know u thought you’d never get here. Damn sweet haul. And did you say colors?? Are they ILGM? If so i better see that girl n BOM til 2019!


Yes, thanks much appreciated. The Chronic Widow has my attention now the smell is incredible. I put it in the bud of the month for November. @PurpNGold74



@zparkie2 just took quick look through your journal for 1st time, beautiful grow and flower clusters to match, masterfully done!