Banana kush auto

Struggled first 3 weeks but she’s coming around nicely. Little worried about the yellowing of the leaves already with 4 weeks left. Thoughts? FFOF BASE and supersoil on bottom of 3 gallon fabric pot.


It looks to be just normal cannibalizing of the bottom large leaves to me. it’s kinda hard to see em in your pics. It could be wanting a little magnesium. If you have a little tea it wouldn’t hurt

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Cal mag helped my autos a ton. I never used it before because I’ve always grown photo’s and they never seemed to need, but these autos seemed to.

Thanks for the advice… added some cal/mg last 2 watering and she seems to enjoy. I’m still having issues germinating BRUCE BANNER AUTO from ILGM…anyone else? If successful, please share how you did so.

Few pics of Banana Kush Auto…smells OUT OF THIS WORLD.

Looking great :+1: no issues with Bruce on photos - how do you normally germinate? Paper towel in a Tupperware container on a heat pad then into medium? Something along those lines?

I started just putting the seed directly in the soil and keeping it moist and warm. Works pretty much every time. Solo cups work good with a baggie on top like a little greenhouse.

I soak 24 hours in shot glass in RO water, remove and dump water and seeds into paper plate with paper towels under in dark. I typically have 99% success rate but not so much with these new Bruce Banner Auto seeds. I’ve got 5 left and welcome to tips or suggestions on what I’m doing wrong.

The Banana Kush Auto is gonna be OUTTA THIS WORLD… smells soo good. Soo different from any other grow and I’ve been playin’ around a long time peeps.