Banana Kush Auto at 5 weeks

This is my first plant, how does she look? Well water ph is 6.5, tds 200. Run off is 5.5. Tds >3000. No added nutrients. 1000 watt led light running all the time, at least 6 inches between light and top of plant. Fan on all the time, temp upper 70s, rh 50%. Organic potting soil, plastic pot. She is losing veg… Water every 2-3 days.

What nutes are you using? And are you adding Cal-mag?

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No notes, nothing added. I was adding fertilizer but was told there was too much nitrogen. The soil is very rich.

Do you have a water softener on your well water?

No, nothing added

What brand soil, what brand nutes were you using, how long were you using them for and at what strength

Tell us more about your light - brand, model, etc. 6” is very close

BRUT super soil (organic worm castings), Freelicht FL 1000 led grow light, both from Amazon. No additional nutrients have been used since she was transplanted 2 weeks ago. Prior to that I had used a 24-8-15 low strength mixed in with water, was told too much nitrogen was causing brown spots and leaf health, so cut out all nutes, flushed her prior to transplant. Now just using well water and very rich, black potting soil

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So were the leaves nuked before the transplant? You can remove those - they aren’t doing anything for you at this point.

I’d pull the few ugly leaves and keep going with plain water until you’re sure the issue has stopped.