Banana Kush Auto 7th week since breaking ground

Never seen an auto do this… the other two are full into flower… i think this one has gone koo-koo…


koo-koo loco for sure!!!

Oh no! I saw i post a few weeks ago a guy grew one out that did this, its not a mutation you want i don’t believe.
Ruderalis genetics is strong in this one :sweat:


Thats what i was scared of. I saw that post too, but i vaguely remember it ( thanks to G13 :rofl::rofl::rofl:) its all good tho. I have another one that just broke ground along with another G13 so ill just start another round in a few weeks


Looks like a dud to me.

Yeah looks like its not what you want,but I dunno? Since its already flowering maybe you can get something out of it? who knows they may be those small airy type buds but have mean punch to them?

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