Banana Kush and G13 indoor grow

I’m going to try growing Banana Kush and G13 in my tent. I read up on both and it says they require a lot of nutrients. Has anyone grown either? If so, soil recommendations or tips?

They are feminized seeds


@SteveSS396 What up Steve!! I’m sure your duo likely requires similar love as all the rest of these ladies do. What’s your initial gameplan? You a soil grower, looking at photo or auto?

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I ran G13 auto in Coast of Maine Stonington blend. Using tap water only with 5ml of fish shits when watering. I also topped dressed with fish meal.

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For the Autos I’ll be using Biobizz with Botanicare nutes. Not sure what soil for the BK or G13 photos

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@SteveSS396 if you don’t have a light chosen yet pick the best one you can afford. Probably the most effective piece to the puzzle!! Good luck!!


This will be my 3rd indoor grow, but 1st growing photos