Bamboo extract or mulch to help soil

Thoughts on using bamboo?!

Starting this thread to see if anyone has any input or knowledge using bamboo as I have been doing some digging trying to see if bamboo has a role in helping our soil life and everything I have found shows to help the soil. My concern would be possibly giving too much silica, if that is a thing, as I’m new to growing.

From what I have gathered so far is that it is beneficial to help yield, growth, and soil life. Bamboo is a fast growing plant mainly because it creates its food from its mulch and leaves. Creating its mycorrhizal fungus, promotes the supply of rhizosphere soil and soil PH levels. Also containing 10x more silica than horsetail.

I have found some publications and a few sites that have information on this.

(This one is a PDF and has you download it, but the most informative journal)

So based on what I have read, I’m thinking about using bamboo extract powder in my grow. Just still trying to figure out how much I should give her.

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I know I haven’t seen a lot on this but was thinking of measuring by going off of ppm. Only trying to raise the ppm by 75-100? 50?Any thoughts? Am I trying to much?

Any reply would be appreciated

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So I did a test sample of water this morning to see what adding bamboo extract would do. The package states 2 of their scoops is 600mg of bamboo extract which measures out to 1/4tsp and to add it to your liquid of choice. So I decided to use 375ml to make it easier for conversions.

375ml water - no bamboo - PH 8.1 - PPM 148
1/64tsp 37.5mg bamboo - PH 8.1 - PPM 153
1/32tsp 75mg - PH 7.8 - PPM 157
1/16tsp 150mg - PH 7.8 - PPM 160
1/8tsp 300mg- PH 7.8 - PPM 163
1/4tsp 600mg - PH 7.8 - PPM 167

So based off my earlier thought of measuring through PPM would not be beneficial and I’m just going to base how much I add by mg of extract.

I also decided to add bamboo extract to my water. I started tonight’s watering with 1/64, or 37.5mg of bamboo extract for her 3 cups of water. So we shall see how it goes.

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Im following. Im always interested in organic amendments that would benefit my grows

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Here is my Journal if you are interested. She seems to be happy so far! Probably going to stip with the bamboo once she is in full flower. I read adding silica during flower could diminish yields but still doing more research. Plus the point of silica is to strengthen cell walls so she can support bud weight right?