Bama's Happy Little Grow

The roots look healthy, but i honestly don’t know what they should look like.

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You want your roots bright white but the fine hairs will pickup anything in the runoff…have you researched the use of hydrogen peroxide in your solution…this, when done correctly, will help to keep roots clean and healthy

I have researched it. The nutrient solution is that same color so I’m thinking that’s just staining.

I use only Canna-aqua and their line of supplement. I can’t use the H2O2 with the cannazym. So, i check the tanks daily looking for algae. So far, nonesince i started using it. I am adding some about 2 times a week for prevention, but not so much as to kill the cannazym.

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Your on top of your program…great work my gro bro

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Good morning grow masters of the universe!

Just doing my morning hello meeting with my ladies. They are awake and enjoying a warm fall morning.
EC - 1.365
Reservoir PH - 5.63
Runoff PH - 5.52
Water Temp - 76.3°F
Room Temp - 73.94 - 79.52


I have a general hydro question that I’m sure has been asked a lot.

What EC should i keep the reservoir at?

I’m using Canna aqua base and supplements along with Calmag.
The feeding chart gives me an EC to shoot for but I’m unsure.

I’ve been staying around 1.2-1.8.

I just really do not want to waste nutrients. Canna line is very expensive.

Also, I’m adding roughly 4 gallons a day to my reservoir.

My new lights came in 2 days early!

I now have 10 SF-1000 lights as well as 2 blurples.
That puts 700 watts over each set of plants.

They look like crap right now, but I’m building a fixture for them.


I got four sheets of these.
Cool :sunglasses::cool::shaved_ice::jack_o_lantern:

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Your grow is jammin bro!!! Watch what happens now…get ready for the increse in the girls appetite that you are sure to :eyes: …Happy Growing

Dude! Practically overnight they went from 4 gallons a day to 7 gallons a day. They are very thirsty girls.

They are 2.5 weeks into flower.


So what kind of pruning do you do ?

Ok… So… All of my grows before this one i did a lot of pruning, a few leaves each day.
I also did a whole lot of training.

This grow i decided to do absolutely everything different.

So, i pruned about 1/3 of the leaves when they started transition. I’ll leave them growing wild until week 3 when I’ll take another third of the leaves and I’m thinking about lollipopping the really big one. Though I’m not sure if I should. I’m ok harvesting the larfy little baby buds that grow in the bottom. Would it help make the top buds larger?

That’s my plan, but it may change daily. Ok, it probably will change daily.


You mentioned something about taking a few leaves every day…trimming and pruning imo are techniques that are applied at spaced and timed intervals…from my experience week 3 of bud is like the last trim…others I’m sure do things differently…I’ve seen some wild and crazy things people do with their plants…your plants are growing beautifully :heart_eyes:

Personally I lollipop everything

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Thanks. This is actually the best grow I’ve ever had. I’ve never had plants this large.

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When should i do that?

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Firstly you must take into account how much headspace you have…you will end up raising the light…that being said…you can also employ a net to enable you to keep the plants bent…I was really referring to your largest plant…ok…if you want to maximize the size of your colas I wouldn’t wait to much longer…but this is me and what I do…this is your grow to do with as you will…thers no wrong way to do it…smile and enjoy…the weed grows its best in tranquility and harmony…

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Mold always scares me. I prefer more smaller colas over less larger ones for that reason. Just personal preference I guess.


See there you have it!!! To each his own and I will lean in hard beside you on any choices you make.!!! I discovered a small spot of botrytis today in what seems to be an endless sea of buds…the only speck so far this season…

Cit it on sight an isolate away from my girls…I almost said the b word…contrary hussies what they bein today …one whole top busted out …had to be splinted…two plants toppled over laying on the ground…heck of a :cloud_with_rain: storm…then this…contrary I tell ya…

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Man, i can’t imagine the problems y’all have with outdoor grows. The indoors are hard enough.

Can you circle on that picture where the problem is? I’ve never personally seen bud rot and I’m just not seeing it… :confused:

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