Bama’s Growing Adventures

Leaves turning purple already - day 39.

Less than 4 weeks it will probably look like this

Can’t wait. Happy growing!



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I love it when they do that!!! So beautiful


Brother you are absolutely crushing it please tag me on your future post so I can see it to the end :sunglasses:


Thank you! Honestly everything I’ve learned I have learned here. This community is awesome!




Yes it is…I’m a hydro grower and really want to get the scrog down pat.

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Indeed! This is my first SCROG attempt and I could’ve waited a bit longer to flip but I knew I would run out of last harvest so I went with it lol.

I have a feeling it’s going to turn out pretty nice for you :sunglasses:

I’m hoping for an LB :grinning:


My first and only soil grow and autoflower was 3 strawberry pie autoflowers I got an lb from that 4…5 and 7. I let one grow normal I stressed one a little and stressed one a little more. Using a scrog technique on them I bet you will exceed that.


Gorgeous ladies and well done!

I would like to try both coco and hydroponics eventually. My grow is in the attic and watering everyday is out of the question for me so coco will have to wait until I get something like autopots. Hydro on the other hand is very doable for me as I can just fill the reservoir/tank. May hit you up for hydro advice when I actually pull the trigger.

Thanks for sharing brother!


Would be more than happy to share whatever knowledge I’ve gained on the subject… just holler

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Gonna be a very gorgeous girl

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As promised some pics of the manifold/mainline autos:

Remember the gorilla glue auto that I broke off one whole side of the manifold? Here she is. Look how crazy the trunk looks.

Here’s the 2 girl scout cookies. One will have 8 colas the other 6 - I broke off a node accidentally.

The other gorilla glue

As far as the tangies go, a few days ago the leaves started to turn purple. Look it it now at day 44:

And some close ups for your enjoyment

Look at this stack, buds are dense too.

Happy growing y’all


Looking beautiful… great job brother​:+1::sunglasses:

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Beautiful color n bud :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::clap:


Tangies update: Day 55 of flower

Almost week 8th and I really love how these girls are turning out. One more week.

Some of the tall colas are leaning cause of the weight and I didn’t notice that last grow. I intentionally didn’t feed silica this grow either and I can tell that branches are much less stiff.

Looking at the trichs some colas could be chopped now but when I look further down the cola it is not quite ready.

Do any of you harvest just parts of the cola? And then let the rest get ready?

Some other shots for your viewing pleasure:

I will post an update on the ILGM autos this weekend.

Thanks so much for all your help and guidance!



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Ya I read on here someone did it, may have been hellraiser actually. But as long as you don’t like butcher them they should be fine.