Bama’s Growing Adventures

Absolutely gorgeous.


Not really, the grow room was already lit as the autos are sitting next to the tent and their lights were on. So I would say more like a big cloud got in the way of the sun lol.

Thanks my brother for your input!

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Thank you kind sir.

Yup, my flowering photo plants have 30 minutes of black storm cloud cover at mid-day every day.
That is the daily scheduled flash pic time.

My Durban Poison mainline is taking off now. So far, it has slightly odd-shaped leaves.
It will likely get its final mainline pruning by Christmas.
My Jack Herer Auto should finish around the new year.
That is when I’ll use that lighting schedule for my 3 photo plant’s flowering.
After my New Year JHA harvest I won’t get another harvest until at least early Mar.
I should be bringing in a GDP, DP and a BK harvest from then until Apr
At which time I already need plans for the clones needed outdoors shortly after that.
Always planning and scheming trying to maximize my ROI. LOL

:clap::clap::clap: out of likes. Looking awesome in there! One suggestion if you want it on defoliation intervals. They’ll stop producing leaves around week 5-6 of flower. Most do a defoliation at 21 days and 42 days from light flip. :love_you_gesture:


Thanks so much for the suggestion brother! Makes sense. For this run maybe I can mimic that but at day 30 for next one?? Edit: I guess it all depends on what they are doing anyway at the time lol.

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I lost the place where you asked about the S21 and macro mode so I am posting here

I hear ya’…put your phone in photo mode and make sure you are on 1X magnification. Move your camera closer to the subject you want to photograph. You will notice two superimposed yellow dots left center of your screen. This lets you know that you are in Macro mode. There are plenty of videos teaching how to use this mode. I will post a pic that I took using it - Edit : see below


Day 20 of flowering for the Tangies. Looks like they took the last defoliation well. Bud development is progressing nicely too.

As for the autos they are doing nicely too:

@Flying-High look at the one arm bandit (gorilla glue , broke the other branch). Thinking of letting it grow 4 nodes and still get 8 colas. Look how swollen she is.

The other gorilla glue is doing just fine and should be ready for topping in next day or so.

The girl scout cookies :cookie: are looking great and should be ready to top soon too.

Happy growing and merry Christmas y’all!


You could top it right there and then manifold the 2 branches?

The DP has 2 branches running out ahead of the others, I’m gonna top them today.
That means I’ll likely go for topping all 8 mains and going for 16 branches this time!
:+1: :sunglasses:

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Girls are looking amazing and very lovely

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Thank you my friend!

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Merry chirstmas my friend

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Hi everyone! Got back home yesterday from celebrating Christmas with the granddaughter and wanted to share the ladies progress. Pics taken last night.

They were more than ready:

Results after topping to 3rd nod and keeping node 1, got rid of node 2:

Gorilla glue ladies:

Before topping

After topping

I’ve decided to leave the one arm bandit alone (and not top again) mainly because is showing it’s sex which to me means it will start flowering soon. This assumption is based on my past grow with this strain…Her she is:

And finally here are the tangies, day 23 of flowering. They were thirsty and got fed last night. This pic is right at feeding time.

My last tangie grow featured only one HLG 320 XL light + UVA bar for the first 4 or 5 weeks of flowering. This grow, of course, has 2 HLG 320 XL lights + UVA bar. Comparing the level of frostiness from the last grow at around 23 days I can tell you that this one is heavier frost so far and much more sticky than last time. I gently pressed a bud between my thumb and index finger and they were sticky. Buds seem larger than last grow as well. I’m slowly increasing wattage and tonight they will get a bump to 280 Watts each. Shooting for that 1000 ppfd that professor Hellraiser uses for his ladies. The only other variable is that this grow I have added some flower fuel.

Some up close shots:

Happy growing y’alll!


They look amazing brother, great job. The last few pictures are looking nice and frosty. I’ll bet the smell is amazing!!

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Smell is slowly creeping up for sure from like week 6 on it is in your face. I compared pics from last tangie grow and this grow is heavier on the frost. I’m assuming the lights are playing a huge role in this.

Thank you bud and happy growing!


Tangie clones update - Day 35 of flower

I’m happy to report that the twins are doing great. Last feeding was Sunday night and they got the full compliment of Jacks321, Tribus, and recharge. Water pH’d at 6.5.
You kind of lose sight of how much your plant grows or what it is doing if you don’t go back and look at old pics. Thanks to brother @Newt I saw him doing it and thought it was great. Below is a before/after pic showing the tangie at day 1 of flower and day 35 (last Saturday). Remember that this is my first cut at a SCROG. How would you grade my effort so far professor @Hellraiser ?

Top View

Side view

Some macro shots for your viewing pleasure:

The autos are also doing well. Will post some pics of them later.

Happy Growing!


Looking amazing


Killing it!

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heck ya man, looking really good!!


Looks great, nice use of SCROG, pretty even canopy, tent full of bud. I give you an A.