Bama’s Growing Adventures

This grow will feature 2 Tangie clone ladies in FFOF soil (5 gal fabric pots), 2 ILGM Gorilla Glue Autos, and 2 ILGM Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Autos. All the autos are in FFOF soil (3 gal fabric pots).

The tangie clones were planted back in Sept 30th and started receiving Jacks 321, Fishshit, and weekly recharge on 7 weeks after. My previous Tangie run didn’t include recharge so looking forward to seeing any differences along the way. Tangies will be in 2x4 tent with 2 HLG 320 V2 RSpec and HLG UVA-30 bar.

Seeds dropped for autos November 17th (by the way 100% germination with ILGM auto seeds so far).

Transplanted to these 3 gal fabric pots:

The autos are under 2 spider farmer SF-1000 full spectrum boards at 100 watts each so 200 watts @12" for these girls. 20 hours on, 4 off. I plan on main lining all the autos to get at least 8 colas from each.

As far as the Tangie clones I am doing my first attempt at a SCROG and they are in day 3 of flowering:

I hope you don’t mind me tagging you along:

@Hellraiser @dbrn32 @SilvaBack203 @Newt @Flying-High @Pet_de_Chien @OGIncognito @Highwayman420 @Chasfitter

Thank you for your time. Happy growing y’all!


Oh, heck yeah. I’m in!

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Rock n Roll Circus Sideshow…I’m in!

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All in Brother and you’re off to a great start :love_you_gesture:

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Lovely work

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Thank you for the kind words!

Hell ya I’m in!!! Looking good

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Who’d have guessed this would become the standard for autos?
It makes great sense to me. All major prunings come before autos begin flowering.
SCROGing the clones looks like fun too. :+1: :sunglasses:


Hi brother man! Yeah you and some other’s grows convinced me! Thanks :sunglasses:


My last tangies I did the ‘round about’ (I think you called it that @Flying-High ) LST technique so curious to see how the yields will differ.

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I think the time to yield will be much shorter. Yields the same.
The Roundabout training takes a long time in veg.


Thanks for the tag I be watching!

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He’ll yea I’m here 4 it and Thank you for the tag.

Happy growing

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I messed this one up good, but I’ll still get 8+ nice colas from this JHA.

Just 3 weeks into flower and stretching out some now.
57 days above ground thinking there are 5-7 weeks to go.

Should give me plenty of time to mainline the new Durban Poison.
The GDP should be primed to flower by then.


Thank you so much brother! I was looking for your post and you made it easy lol.
I will take pics later of the girls as I think they are on node 3. I plan on topping node 5 off. When did you top?


Keep up the good work!


Thanks my friend! Y’all make it easy :grin:


Set to watch! Happy Growing!!! :blush::v:

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Right on, thanks for riding along!

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@Hellraiser @dbrn32 @SilvaBack203 @Newt @Flying-High @Pet_de_Chien @OGIncognito @Highwayman420 @Chasfitter and any one that cares to chime in:

So here are the Tangie clones, week 1 of flower:

So I switched up the nutrients a bit and have been adding 10-54-10 Bloom Plus. They’ve only been fed twice since the flip and feed #1 had Bloom Plus and calmag with Tribus/Fishshit (plus recharge was due). Tribus/Fishshit is used every feed.
Feed #2 added bloom plus to the normal regiment of Jacks 321. For weeks 2 - 8 I plan on adding flower fuel (1-34-32) to the jacks 321 regiment. Does anyone see a problem with this? I only wanted to use the Bloom Plus in week 1 and already I see a greater number of pistils vs what I saw in my first tangie grow.

This is now

this is my first tangie grow, at day 10 of flower without the bloom plus

Overall they look like they are happy and enjoying the lights - adjusted to 470 watts from 430.
As far as the gorilla glue autos the news isn’t so rosy…

So I fat fingered the topping of my gorilla glue autos (shouldn’t have smoked before doing it lmao) I was trying to just pinch it and didn’t realize that there were leaves or God forbid something more important there and I tore them up too. Can you see what I am talking about? How bad is THIS damage?


And as if that wasn’t bad enough while topping the other gorilla glue I did this to it:

Do you see how I yanked the other leaf off? Dang. I’ve yet to top the girl scout cookies as they aren’t ready yet…thank you lord for small favors LMAO!!

So how bad did I screw up y’all?

Thanks for your time and input! Happy Growing :sunglasses: