Balancing Ph & Nutrients

Gotta dash out, will post us some answers to @3high5you a bit later, thanks again

BTW, some of the leaf stalks are purple ish

@Medicalgrower looks like you got it coverd :slight_smile:

Thanks mate, only the yield will determine that opinion

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You can use Epsom salt just need to find a source of calcium. Just Google or use a different search engine for calmag you can make from supplies in a local store

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I have been curious about using Epson salt does it work? I’ve read good things about it I’m just not sure how much to use.

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It will work if you need magnesium or sulfur. 1 tablespoon diluted per gallon of water is a good baseline for standard application. If you are treating deficiency you could increase to 1.5-2 tablespoons, but you shouldn’t ever need more than that.