Baking soda for PH


A question from a fellow grower:

My PH Balance was pretty low.

I did not have the time to go to the store,
i live around 15 miles away.

So someone suggested I could bring up the PH
by putting a couple of tablespoons of baking soda
into my 80 gallon tank.

I had to put in around 4 tablespoons into the Tank
and it brought up the PH to around 5.9

Everything was fine.

But, then after the fact I thought would the baking soda
in my recipe harm any of my plants.

What do you think. The main ingredient in Baking Soda
is Sodium Bicarbonate.


It is OK to use for an emergency, but you need to get some GH powdered PH up. I use it, and it remains stable; With that big of a reservoir and the cost of nutrients and genetics…You should already have the proper PH balance supplies.


It might make you burp a lot. Lol just kidding.:sunglasses::deciduous_tree::dart::us:


Yes, it is a lot of sodium, and in general sodium is not a good thing to be adding to your reservoir. A one time use like this isn’t going to really hurt anything, but there are better alternatives that won’t add so much sodium, as stated above.