Baikal express growing question

A question from a fellow grower:


I have been reading your bible and all of the growing tips you have been sending me via email. Thanks and keep them coming. I have a question for which I have been unable to find any advice or solution. I have attached 2 photographs. Sorry for the quality as the grow lights make it difficult to get the colors right. The first picture labeled Baikal Express 1 is the one with the problem. I have it growing under a 400 watt HPS light with 18 hours of light and 6 hours of total darkness. The seeds were placed directly into the medium on 3/25. The 2nd picture, labeled Baikal Express 2 was planted at the same time, in the same medium, same temperature and humidity. The only difference is that #2 sits under a 250 watt HPS light. I have 3 other strains under the same 400 watt light and all are doing well. The temperature varies between 78 and 80 degrees and the humidity stays around 48 to 50 percent.

My question/concern is that the Baikal Express 1 has 2 leaves that are curling pretty significantly ( the leaves pointing right and left in the picture) while #2 is not. Same strain, same conditions. I know this may sound weird but I become attached to each of my little plants and really don’t want any of them die ( at least until I cut them).

Any any advice that you may be able to provide would be greatly appreciated.

Keep up the good work.

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What medium are you using for your seedlings?

Some time seedlings take a bad turn but, can be nurtured into a thriving plant.

Hello there and Welcome to ILGM hopefuly we can get your plant back to where she
As latewood stated knowing the medium would tell him if it already had nutrients. The thing is seedlings have there own nutrients to hold them over till their 4th '5th sets of leaves. And if your soil contains nutrients them the seedling is getting an over dose of nutrients thus problems
So with that we’ll be waiting your reply

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Hi, First of all thanks to both of you for your response. I used Miracle Gro potting soil and planted all of my seeds directly into the soil. It says on the bags that there is no need to provide extra nutrients for at least 6 month. So…this potting soil DOES contain nutrients. I have planted 5 different strains (Sweet Critical, Baikal Express, Black Berry, White Walker Kush and Misty Kush). The single seed of Black Berry that I had did not germinate at all. :frowning: I am having different problems with several of them but that is another story that I will work on and post if necessary separately. This grow is kind of exciting to me as it is the first time I have attempted it since the late sixty’s. And back then, all we had was commercial, low grade Mexican seeds from the bottom of the baggie. Anyway, I realize this is a pretty long reply. Should I pull the curling plant and replant it in soil without nutrients? Not sure how to save this pretty little girl. Thanks again.