Bagged soil water only

I there really such a thing as water only soil that works outdoors for photoperiod

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Not really.
Most folks end up adding teas or top dressing other amendments in flower.
That said there’s lots of good ones to choose from that will work with minimal additions I’m just not familiar with them.



There a lot of different soils in that category, however when people use them, they run short on flowering nutrients, and this part should be supplemented with teas, or a nutrient schedule.


Agree with everyone here. A lot of good soils will be good with water only for a many weeks but then will need nutrients added. Event hen, I usually end up adding micros, microbes, and Cal/Mag early on.

A set it and forget it grow would be great. You’ll need to plan on some type of amendments. A good organic soil might be good for 4-6 weeks.

I make my own soil. I use Happy Frog dry amendments. Mixing with the soil at the beginning and top dressing once a month. Plain water except for the occasional tea.