Bag weed seeds not working out

Hi folks
I have tried to germinate about 30 seeds in last couple of weeks, not one germinated, is that anything to do with the time of the year?

What way did you attempt to germinate?
Recommended to soak them for 24 hours, then paper towel until tails emerge.

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I don’t think so. What method are you using ? Some add hydrogen peroxide to their glass of water for better results.

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The seeds May not have been mature enough When they were harvested to germinate? Do you have any pics of the seeds your trying to grow?

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I had some OLD seeds like 15 years old I tried to germinate forever this year and couldn’t get nothing. Then I germinated ILGM seeds literally overnight with 100% germ

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I soaked them for 24 hours in water, placed between moist paper towel, into a zip lok bag, nothing, then a few days later…maggots??

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no pic, generate seeds, second time with the last of my seeds, nothing?

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Im trying to get some Autoflower seeds from ILGM, but due to no mail getting here for a while (Bermuda) and its illegal to import them I have to buy send to a friend and plan B.

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Hmmm ok maybe try it, just a dash of Peroxide?

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You can also try this


One teaspoon for two cups of water is what I used.


Don’t give up though buddy, especially if you don’t have any other options !! I’ve heard of seeds taking weeks and finally germinating. Try that scraping thing too maybe !

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I threw them out


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Those weren’t maggots mate those were the tap roots those seeds were germinated heres a pic of a germinated seed


No it was maggots the little buggers were squirming.


Can anyone answer this for me, Why are my plants pistols turning amber so early in flower

Every plant has their own schedule @Marygroov52
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