Bag seeds, suggestions on Strain?

Probably an impossible question but does anyone think they could ID this plant i grew between the 2019/2020 season? The seeds were off a friend and were from unknown strain. Looks similar to an amnesia haze by @AusOutdoors420 on the ILGM growers page on instagram.

Could be northern lights, very common strain in Australia

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It’s really hard to tell cannabis by strain just by viewing the plant.

That being said, I like this game!

Looks like Super Skunk or Silver Haze without the fuzz.


Yeah I knew it’s virtually impossible but I thought why not…

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@fano_man likes this game, he’ll be along shortly.

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Could be a diesel or a haze x maybe an ak cross


What ever it was, it certainly got the attention of a close mate who said “he hadn’t had smoke that good in years” to which i replied “its because I grow my plants with love and it’s quality not quantity, when I grow” which is all true!


Couple of more pics…

was one hell of a good bag seed