Bag seeds in a tower garden

Hi all I found some old seeds I had. No clue what the are. Just want to get started.

Looking at the pics what are your thoughts?

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They look good colour to early to tell

It’s Gona be hard to call in less it has a very special features

That’s a girl

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First is girl thats a flower. Second looks a bit iffy if a diff plant see the 2 little balls around the stigma in the middle. Id watch this as ot looks suspect to me. Im going thru this now. Weining out males

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Awesome!, Thank you guys so much for the feedback.
These are the 2 plants I have been growing. The bigger one I think is a female. The smaller one not sure yet.
I put them in the tower garden about 8 weeks ago. and honestly have not done much other than fill the water/nutes every couple weeks.
Have no idea what strain, BUT I know the plant I got them from was taller than me.
Super exciting!

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Wow , :clap:now that’s just phenomenal!

Thank you!. I just ordered a auto flower mix pack. Can’t wait to get started on that!

Hi guys!,
Thanks for your help I have another question. Can I ask you here or do I need to start a new topic?

Problem: I don’t have the right lights and I don’t have a tent it can fit in. So I can’t bring to flower in the house. Sooo

Can I keep it in the tower garden in constant veg and use it as a mother plant for clones?

Can I get this plant transferred out of the tower garden and into maybe a DWC bucket? Then I can just put it in the new set up.

Any suggestions?

Unless it’s something way different from the original or it’s never been addressed before: try to confine yourself to one thread. I closed the other one as everything was dealt with here.

ok Will do. Thank you!

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No sweat and welcome!

! This one needs to go correct? Just wanna make sure


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