Bag seed monster crop and Pineapple Chunk


Day 15 of the Pineapple Chunk. And the MC is few months old I guess. She has returned to reasonable growth in the last week. Pineapple Chunk seems a little slow, maybe I’m impatient. Anyway all healthy for now.

The nutrient burn on the MC was a 1300ppm nute batch. Dropped a gallon of it and replaced it with 5.8 water. Seems better now


good luck on your grow @Bubbles1 looks like you got a good start. sorry for the newbe question, what is a monster crop?


I’m turning my girl back from flowering to vegetation again. Has probably been a 2-3month wait for some real action. But she is doen it.


I just hit the SEEDLING with a seaweed additive. 1 single spray while lights r off. See what happens.


@raustin how do you feel bout my seaweed thing I just did? Was just a single spray. Cotyledons are showing first signs of wilting. Just wondering. You too @peachfuzz??


Cheers for the luck m8. Appreciate it. This is my real 2nd grow is all. Plenty of placebo smokers grown. Ya pick em to death slowly ya know. No real results.


Pineapple chunks are a slower grow but pack some weight in the end.


Gday. Ok. Sweet. I better chill a bit then. That’s good news.


You grown the Pineapple Chunk?? Point me to some info @Familyman.
When do we up our pot Size?? @peachfuzz @raustin @Hogmaster @Myfriends410 @Familyman @Nugbug @garrigan65 @dbrn32


@MamaMia has and they were amazing.

           DAY 17


Cheers m8.


I usually pot up when plant canopy us bigger than diameter of pot.


Ok. That’s an easy rule of thumb. Do u transplant several times or just once?


I’m looking at 5 gallon pot being home


Both, depends on what i need. There’s nothing wrong with going from cup to final pot when its its something like 5 gallon.


If im looking for faster growth i would go from solo cup to 1 gallon and let her get to about 1 1/2 foot tall then pot up to a 5 gallon… :wink:
If you have the room…


That’s what in looking for. Thankyou… Ok so I’ve screwed that by going to 10"" pot for germination. I take it that I way for leaves to grow outside of current pot then go to my gallon??


You want your roots to grow just as fast as the plant… its a game of pushing roots to make fruits… in soil anyway… :wink:
Azzos and mikos…