Bag seed.. male female genetics

I know if you get bag seed there’s no determining what kind of male plant was in the grow room to cross pollinate if it was cross-pollinated or if it’s Thoroughbred or whatever but anyway when pollinated randomly in a grow room and you get seeds in a bag is it possible for the seeds in the same bag to show traits more dominant to the male or more dominant to the female or is there a cut and paste way it works if the plant that made the seeds was female is that have any kind of dominant traits or factors . THANKS!

Its genetics and the stronger genetics will generally win and show dominace

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Sometimes you get a seed or 2 even with no pollination. These seeds are usually female with strong genetics from the mom


That do you mean stinger ?

Typo, stronger, I think. The plant the seeds came from may have come from a female plant growing both parts, a hermaphrodite. And then the plants grown from those seeds are more likely to become hermaphrodites, too.

Well I just pulled my segregated stragglers in my out door spot the one has got hairs all over it . The other one … Had balls like an elephants :scream::skull::skull: killed that by yea I put that one out there because I thought it was early detected male I forgot what made me think that but I was correct! Only one I thought and was the only male I had SWEET! I’m on to something

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