Bag seed grow journal

Started three unknown bag seed in jiffy peat Moss pellets in humility dome on 5-12-16

Question do I put them under fluorescent lights only 28 watts or do I wait for sprout

Hope im doing this right last time I sprouted seeds just put them in soil on porch watered and forgot them for a week don’t know how they made it

Update two of three seeds have tap root last seed is cracked open slow one of the bunch haha will keep this log of everything I don’t

Nothing to show yet lol

They just need to stay warm, they can’t “see” the light below ground.


Okay so could the light and humidity dome together work to keep everything in balance

I think by morning they could be standing tall

My guess was right now have two sprouts

you may have them a little too moist…every photo has water in them.

keep the dome off and let them dry out a bit or they will suffer…the dome can be used successfully, take it off if you see too much moisture condensing on it.

if relative humidity is low, I use a dome over the babies about half a day, it’s off and on during the day.

some people on the forum have said they don’t use a dome…try that, just mist them occasionally.

Yeah I just gave them two pumps of RO water each then took picture but I think the dome can go this morning 84 RH temp 85 with dome

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The expanded pellets have water, and the baby roots use so little right now…they should still retain lots of water…just a spritz here and there.

Lift the pellet, feel the weight, wet, and water when it feels light.

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Update she’s doing great 16 days old

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Update on bag seed Indica

Day one under Mars Hydro 600 LED

She’s doing great under LED

She’s really loving LED life

She got topped a few days ago already recovered and growing again

Calling it a she won’t know for some time yet but wishful thinking lol

Starting to fill out