Bag seed grow journal - platinum garlic

You can get some pretty decent growth in just a rockwool cube a seed and misting the plant will get 4 to 5 inches around without much other then that… you can do them in a cumulative dome where there all in same environment or you can do individual solo cups and say half a water bottle over the sprout ( you can use both halves not just the clear side) I use bottles as pots all the time cut in half add dirt stick the top of the bottle back on

Also with the paper towel it give you alot more buffer zone if you put the moist paper towel in a ziplock bag with just ³/4 unzipped so the whole paper towel is not exposed to the air another thing they can do in the paper towel is the tap root can find it’s way through paper towel and be a pain to separate if it does go through just plant it with a peice of the towel left on it cut it with scissors you can easily RIP the taproot… when grows go easy we get sloppy I know first hand it’s a fine line less water in the dirt raise humidity you should be fine …as long as the seeds are viable that method should work… only time it didn’t happened with the same strain 3 different times so I checked that up to the seeds because I had 15 purple haze right next to em and they all flowered out so its climate or seeds

Jumpin bean hit the water already?

@fano_man has a time tested method to starting seeds. Mine is a little different and I’ll share so you can pick the parts you like from each.

  1. Seeds go in water approx 1/4 cup and peroxide 1 Tablespoon
  2. Store in warm dark place until I see tail start.
  3. Wet paper towel with water solution from cup the seed is in. It just needs to be damp not soaked.
  4. Place damp paper towel on small plate and put in 1 gallon zip bag closed half way.
  5. Monitor seeds and when root is 1/8-1/4 inch plant approximately 1/4 inch deep in starter soil below. Starter soil is moist NOT wet.
  6. Put cups under dome, spray dome and leave light on 24/0.
  7. Water with 6ml of water around edge of cup when watering is necessary.
  8. Spray the dome lightly every day or so to keep humidity high.
  9. Increase watering slowly as plants grow. When they are in cups they never get more than 50 ml at a time.
  10. When second set of leaves form go to 18/6
  11. When leaves reach outside cup transplant to 1-gallon pot using soil that will be their forever soil.
  12. When leaves reach side of pot transplant. Timing is about 3-4 weeks.
  13. 1-2 weeks after transplanting to forever home I go to 12/12.

Tip for my cups I use clear with holes I. The bottom and put that cup in a solid cup. This allows me to see how the roots are doing and how wet the soil is. I like to have the soil showing dry and wet pockets at this stage because my goal is to get the roots to search out the water.

I am well above 95% with this method. When I tried using starter pods my success rate was 30%.

Starter soil I use.

Hope this helps your success rate.


@Bubblehead :ok_hand: 24 /0 that’s one thing I forgot seeds and clones like 24 hrs light other then pretty similar seed starting style u transplant a day or 2 earlier then I do other then that I do same I like to wet napkin with same soulution… I also out 2 drops of concentrated hormex with rooting hormones b1

I have really high pop rate to female ratio I plant 20 seed maybe 1 or 2 are male ever max usually none… I have only had 5 or 6 males in my life never have to many to ditch so I dont go ham with my seeds anymore i have grown 300+ plants (including clones and seeds) 200+ clones 100ish seeds and 5 … 6 males and no herms i gotta be doing something right I may be superstitious I maybe on to something dont have scientific data but I got stats untill I start swing tword the 5050 mark I’ma keep it up hope you get a handle on the seeds it just takes a eye and a steady hand that’s all you’ll get it :wink:

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Woo HOO!! So I had put a few wedding cake seeds in water. Tiny tail popped out and I put them in coco. Nothing for days so I fished them out (still no developed tail) so I put them in the paper towel with a heating pad underneath. Less than 24 hours later and … getting some tails!

Thanks @fano_man and @Bubblehead!! Maybe all is not lost. Definitely doing this from now on. Now I’m gonna go switch the lights to 24/0.


Let them get about an inch to inch and a half and plant root down in lightly damp soil or a plug and just put a lil dome over your cups or what ever when you put individual bottles over a plant the soil drys out alot slower then without …if you see condensation on the sides of the bottle your in great shape … mist inside of dome 2 sprays on the leaves and soil and replace dome … I like cfl lights for seeds 24 hour light till second set of leaves… 18 / 6 promotes root growth and they will kinda stall when the roots are growing and then top going baboon a few days later … I like clear cups to see roots growing only a clear solo cup inside a red on so u can pull out look at roots and put back in red cup for root darkness

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Glad it worked out for ya… dont blast with high light intensity gradually rev up

I’m really happy for you. This is where @fano_man and I diverge. He likes his tap roots long before he plants, I don’t. I like mine about the length you have because those tap roots are so fragile I’m afraid my gorilla paws might break one off if they get too long. Find a method that works for you and have fun!


I put three or four of those in dirt today. I have little hands but oof if I don’t get sloppy when I’m handling them. Maybe I’ll get braver and let them get longer but for now I’m happy as a pig in shite.


I just feel when u wait a lil longer you dont have to replant as deep because ur babes strech is already mostly covered I plant the helmet a half inch over soil and open cotys a lil higher…every time I was to type lol I get lil everytime I type lil I get lol wtf

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Only a half inch difference in our methods @Bubblehead I’d say pretty close I know I’ve grown some seed and this is the method I’ve stuck with after many and hopefully you manage to be happy camper as well :wink:

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I use plastic spoons to move mine. :crazy_face:

Found a pic of some individual domes

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Some one asked me how on earth did you grow a plant in a bottle I said just like how they build a ship in a bottle lol there cut in half bud lol

I’ve tried water bottles before but I’m clumsy and ended up constantly knocking them over and with a domino effect. Right now they’re in little clear solo cups (i happen to have a metric ton of those cups because that’s what I think rum and coke tastes the best in lol). I’ll get some red ones today at the store to put them in so the light doesn’t mess with the roots.


Things are finally looking up! I’ll know better in a couple of days but I have all the wedding cake auto seeds except one in the cups. Several are already above ground. The 2 platinum garlic seedlings are still doing fine and starting to get their second set of leaves. This is a freshly up wedding cake next to the platinum garlic.

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@fano_man I’m curious about trying your pipe method. I’m reading through your grow journal but it’s a lot of reading! What are the sizing requirements? You start in 4” and then do you need to eventually move them to bigger?

Each individual pot was 4 inch diameter pvc
20 inches long
It’s a 2 foot x 4 foot top that is drilled out with a 5 inch hole saw like this

make a box frame from 2x2s in corners ( 2 x 4s won’t work because the extra 2 inch on the legs hits the pots the bottom you can make one big 2x4 lower section and only a 2 inch wide strip to stabilize its would be less then 100 bucks to build 1 but it was 600 to 700 to build 11 of em you get bulk pricing at home depot when you buy more then 10 prices of pipe or any item… it’s time consuming and in my opinion unless you plan on doing the whole perpetual motion it’s a lil over kill and it really ups your plant count with 11 racks it’s about right at the 300 plant mark with clones veg and flower…I see I can elaborate too much so I’ll wait till you ask me specifics :v::sunglasses:

Nah this is some fascinating shit. So I guess my questions are:
What is a 4”x20” pvc equivalent to, say a 3, 4, 5 gallon fabric pot?
Would that size suffice an 8 week veg and then flower or would you have to increase the size and transplant?

The way I see it, 4” is a lot smaller diameter than my 5 gallon fabric pots which are probably 20+ inches wide. I can only get 4 or 5 of those under my lights. Ideally I’d love to get 60 plants in my room but, again, I’ve got only got 6 lights.

I can’t do a perpetual right now. I got two little kids at home doing virtual school so I’m playing part time employee, full time mom and teacher and part time weed grower lol.


My current plan (since I effed up some at the beginning if this and had to revise…) is I wanna maybe try this pipe method with my auto flowers all under one light. If things keep going the way they are…I’m guessing I’ll have about 12-15 that come up. Id love to be able to get them under one light. I grew 10 autos in smaller fabric pots last grow under one light so I think it’s doable.

Then grow my two platinum garlic and two ILGM gold leaf and use as mother plants (assuming I don’t got any dudes in the pg).

Then maybe drop 20 more seeds and grow those in a couple of weeks.

I’ve got the space so maybe at some point later on in the grow I’ll look to cloning a bit. But I’d have to set up another space for more mature clones.

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