Bag seed grow journal - platinum garlic

Well I’ve finished off a few grows so I’m going to attempt some new things with this grow.

Back story…a local dispensary has this indica dominant top shelf they sell called Platinum Garlic. It’s seriously one of the best smokes I’ve experienced. Well, over the last several months I’ve collected about 20 seeds. And now the dispensary doesn’t carry it any more so perfect effing timing.

I’m gonna do my best to document this grow but input along the way is gonna be hella appreciated. I know I’ve got a lot of things to think about (sexing them, characteristics between plants, etc) but I’m up for expanding my experience a little.

I’ve got about 10 that have tails after 24 hours in warm water so I’m starting to put them in my tent.

Solo cups with drainage holes.
1/2 coco coir, 1/2 soil and perlite
Starting PPM of the soil is about 400
Tent temp is 78ish degrees
Humidity is around 45
Light**:grimacing: cheap LED I got from wish. Hoping it’ll suffice for getting them above ground and then I’ll move them under my big boy lights. See photos of the lux and foot candle (x10) readings at 18” above plants and the umols they claim in the product photo.
Too much? Too little?

Ultimately I’m going to decide if I want to try to get seeds by putting a male and a couple if females in a tent or if I want to take cuttings/clones from mother plants and document the characteristics of the mothers after harvest.

![image|375x500] (upload://mQGrUP7ki2yk5Nv3ev8tsFvIwGi.jpeg)


I think the light will be good where you have it for a little bit. Not sure I could help much with other stuff, but best wishes!

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Hey there never seen you around I’ll set to watching I like to watch bagseed grows … that’s all I do I do same drop 20 but I’m looking for best couple moms flower the rest and hold 1 or 2 faves back and start cloning that favorable mom that’s the stinkiest most vigorous growth … good luck​:sunglasses::v:


My FIL has taken a bunch of expert gardening classes. He turned me on to an app called Korona. So I checked the umols with it and found that it’s similar to what my cheap ass LED claims to have. So maybe it’ll be alright. The LUX on the app reads the same as my professional photometer so maybe I’ll be in good shape. I bought a second cheap-o light to go in the tent for if I end up trying to clone.

Having problems raising the temp without drying the absolute fu<k out of the soil. And of course I’m out of clear wrap so I laid some parchment paper on them for tonight to try to keep them from drying out over night.

Nighttime temps in my grow room now are in the low 50s. I’ve got a little space heater that raises the temp in the space to 65F. The temps were great for my last grow (blue dream) because they turned the most GORGEOUS damn colors I’ve seen. But for the new grow babies, We have some colder nights ahead so I went ahead and brought the whole tent into my laundry room where the temp stays about 67F and with the space heater closer to mid 70s.

Ive got about 15 of my platinum garlic seeds in cups which I’ll be documenting (assuming they pop up). I also have about 20-25 gold leaf but I’ve grown that before so I don’t plan on documenting that grow as much. I’ll wait until I can clear the tent then also start an ILGM wedding cake auto grow while the other two are rolling.

I also sleep for shit waiting for these damn things to poke their heads out of the dirt.

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Do you plan on keeping all that pop and make it … you are going to be dieing for space with 30+ girls if they happen to all be female …your environmentally conscious and I am a firm believer the climate controll and favorable conditions tend to lean female in regular seeds… I’ve noticed under lit unfavorable spots in the room is the only time I get males and only got maybe 5 in my life outta 60 70 seeds not bad
Do you have a bigger tent for flowering? I don’t remember sorry if you said already

I’m planning on keeping everybody. My rate of getting them up out of the dirt isn’t the greatest (around 60% for past grows) but I feel like I’m doing better this go around with watching them closer and keeping tighter control over everything.

I have a 20’x14’ grow room under my house. Bought this old house in the country and found a spare single car garage under the house. Turned it into a grow room. I have 6 big boy LED ag lights with 5’x5’ spacing.

I started growing in May and the most I’ve grown at once was around 20 plants. Doing the tent to start them this time because it’s the first time I’ve done a grow in the winter down there and I can’t keep the whole room stable enough for the babies.

I got my grow license so I can sell extra to a dispensary but I really don’t consider myself a commercial grower since I’m so new to this and my yields have really only been a’ight. Really, I just got the license so I don’t go to big time jail lol.


And that’s really interesting to know about the female/male regular seeds. This is my first time with non feminized seeds so i have been curious what it’ll be like. When do you sex them?

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As soon as possible as long as you don’t see big round sacks which are very easy to spot when they mature round round balls are male …any elongation to the “preflower” any point to it then its female the elongation is where the pistils (2 hairs on first sign) it’s a girl but just keep an eye out for questionable ones … it’s not life or death but it’s a lil wasted nutes ( no biggie) but you sure wanna catch them before they open … if there getting larger and it’s still hard to tell … you can cut off about a 4 to 6 inch branch …stick it in a cup of ro water to keep bottom of stem wet and stick in the flower room on 12 and 12 and it will show sex quick…

I had 2 10x10 rooms 1 veg 1 for flower here’s my last set up it was to be a weekly harvest perpetual had 13 mother strains clone station with 2 level rolling racks …what I learned if trying to be successful in growing dank buds… it’s best to focus on 1 or 2 strains and really perfect that strain you’ll always be getting better and better buds the more runs you do with same strain hard to learn about it if you do it once and done… I started with 4 strains and clones them almost for a year and a half didn’t drop any beans and I learned alot about flower times nutrient needs and stages in a plants life are different strain to strain hell plant to plant when you start getting predictable outcomes based on past experiences it becomes second nature I got to the point I ditched TDS and PH pens went with plain chemical reagent … only needed to use it on silica days ( all silica raises ph ) even then i got real good eye ballin things … on a large scale like your doing …the most helpful tip i can give you is make sure to pay attention to your floor if your watering that many plants you can wind up with quite a bit of excess water I was mixing up 12 gallons of nutes every watering I had 192 plants but not all were the same

Do you plan on filling the room in one shot or you gonna try and keep it rolling …its a full time job so make sure to have some designated free time because it becomes mandatory to be timely with watering , defiling, clipping clones, transplanting clones working the humidity domes crawling in the back of your room because there’s no other way to get to the back plants …can’t neglect any tasks … I’m excited for you I remember being in your shoes but I don’t got no lisence and it’s all illegal down here in florida where abouts are you from? I see your temps are similar to mine I’ll tag you into my journal its alot of learning experiences when jumping into upscaling like your doing…
Before I put a single plant in the flower room i built a pitched floor platform and lined the whole area in shower pan vinyl to act like giant shingles and the water would flow into a trough which had another pitch to it to the wall and I drilled a angled hole to out side …went outside where the whole was and dug 4ftx4ft by 4ftdeep hole and filled with rocks to make a drain field didn’t have to worry about managing run off… alot of planning needed for that operation don’t leave any stone unturned ask questions …don’t hesitate to tag me if you not sure about something I ran into alot of problems and I did alot of planning


I’m in southeast oklahoma, very close to the arkansas/texas borders. I have a house and mostly work in Dallas but we found an old house here for a killer deal. Needs a lot of cosmetic work but 5500 square feet, cool architecture and they wanted next to nothing for it. Bank owned foreclosure and then right before closing they came in with a hellova surprise, it included 17 acres of land which has a big pond on it. Deal of the century. Of course, I go to Dallas and everything is go to jail illegal but just across the border to oklahoma and I’m golden. Stupid.

At some point, i’m gonna fiddle with an outdoor grow but that’ll likely be the spring and a SMALL grow so I don’t blow it.


is there anything at the bottom of your pvc pipes (net/ or mesh screen/rocks?) or do the sit directly on the floor below?

They are wrapped with a metallic screen enclosed the old kind I bent it on the corners ( it creases) put it to bottom and wrapped around the sides tight as possible and taped the shit out of it the bottom of the pipes I put a solo cup of perlite so I ensure drainage the racks were wood so I didn’t want them in water so I screwed plastic water bottle caps in 4 corners and sides and there lil 1 inch feet for it to stand on…the pipes sit on the ground but I took a grinder and put 6 x 3 inch slices in bottom so it has alternate route if bottom gets caked…

What kind of soil do you use? I mixed half potting mix with coco on my last couple of grows but even with perlite and coco I had some issues with the dirt clumping up.

Happy frog with 30% perlite and bottom of my pots about 6 inches has strait perlite

I have soooooo many there every where and there freaking heavy …was nice when I didn’t have to move them around now the non stackable factor sux… I used to use 33%ffof
33% ff strawberry feilds 33 perlite but happy frog is better in my opinion thrn mixing the 2 I was it’s more an all round dirt

I’ve been thinking about switching my soil to happy frog. But was torn between happy frog and FFOF.

Happy frog is way better icesn forest has alot if inconsistencies and if you dont use a designated seedling dirt you can get hot batches that will really scorch your lil ones… I use ff light warrior for all my seedling and clones first transplant then once they get big i go into forever home with the happy frog but happy frog is good all round lors of mycrozae and bacillus

So I have royally effed up this goddamnt grow. Soil for the Platinum Garlic seeds and the gold leaf must have been more moist than it looked because they all came up and damped off. Like, damn near all of them. Of the 40 seeds I put in the dirt, I have 2 PG and 2 GL that survived. I moved them to straight coco and put my head in a pillow and screamed for awhile.

So I decided to shake it off and drop 20 of my auto wedding cake seeds. Tails popped in the warm water and straight to the coco they went. It’s now day 3 for some of them and I haven’t seen any popping above the coco. I swear to god, I think the coco isn’t staying WET enough. Too WET, not WET enough. I’m losing my mind trying to pop these mother loving sob seeds.

I have extra seeds. I always buy during sales and such and take advantage of coupons if they don’t all germinate. I think I’m gonna wait a week and try again with some more platinum garlic seeds (I have 10 seeds left). I’ll grow the two I have and sex them as early as possible. Hopefully they’re female and I can use them as mother plants.

@fano_man how do you grow from seed?

My Platinum Garlic (one of only 2). :sob: :sob: :sob:

Very care fully…
Step1: pill bottle 50 50 tap water and peroxide
Step2 when tails pop into wet napkin for 2 to 3 days . The cotelydons will start to open in the napkin almost if not opened they will still be several inches long in a few days I bury them tap root down and seed coty. Above soil…tap down lightly
Usually soil out the bag is a lil damp I put lil individual domes over the babe really just misting with spray bottle in dirt and spray dome walls
Pretty much humidity watering I dont soak soil until transplant out the first cup
(They make these lil grow bags that’d breath really good if you gotta heavy watering hand)
Step 3: once your at 3 set of leaves your pretty much in the clear I take domes off and still mist leaves but a lil more water in the cup ( make sure you got holes for drainage and keep air circulating they have a hard time drying out all by them self’s young air movement will help warm temps help also some ppl use heat matts… I dont really need to as it’s always 75° and up where I live it might hit 50 for 2 days then right back up to 70 80 in florida.
Other then that less water is better then 2 much
You said you had 2 different strains damp off?
If it was one and they were bag seed only I’d say possible seeds weren’t viable because I had about 50 gorilla glue seeds I tried 20 of them over 3 tries before I threw they other 30 away they would pop up and 2 to 3 days later all the heads would shrivel up and damp off sux it’s a waste of time when that happens nothing a good pillow scream won’t fix

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I wouldn’t be surprised if that one smdid it as well u got some good seeds different batch will probably act way differnt

I’ve been hesitant to do the paper towel method. My dumbass tried it once and I drank too much one night and the damn paper towel dried out. I might try it again next time (and try to drink less, lol)

The platinum garlic bag seeds sprouted a tail in regular water very quickly. The real pisser is that when they damped off, they had big long healthy looking roots. Ugh. The other seeds were ILGM gold leaf. Damped off too (all but 2 of them). So it was definitely the soil and me that ruined them. This grow has been the worst. All of my other grows have been in the spring and summer and I didn’t have to fight this cold ass weather and dry ass humidity. I’ve ordered a humidity dome. Maybe I’ll try that too.