Bag Seed Frolics


Strain; Bag seed

Soil in pots, Promix HP +perlite + Verm

System type? Under 105 true watts CFL’s

PH of runoff between 6.5 - 6.8

What is strength of nutrient mix? 600 to 800 ppm in runoff


Light system, size? 5 x 23 watt CFL’s 105 true watts

Temps; Day, 25C Night 21C

Humidity; Day, Night about 35 - 40%

Ventilation system; Yes computer fans intake and outtake

Bag seed is 4 weeks into veg and is still really short and bushy. It’s leaves are the size of my hand. I’m not sure if it is a boy or a girl as of yet. Was going to put it in my flower tent to see what parts develop. Is this a good idea?

Took it out of it’s grow box today to water and noticed roots coming out of the 3 gallon fabric pot. I’ve never seen roots do that on a fabric pot. Should I be transplanting to 5 gallon?

I’m use to cloning now so I don’t use many seeds but this was a freebie so why not. I’ve just never seem them so short and bushy. I usually have issues with stretching.

Any suggestions, comments, observations would be appreciated. The following pictures are after I trimmed it a bit.



i have not seen a fabric pot do that! lol
i do not think it is a male,but probably a bit early to say…


If is growing to fast besides others… 50% it a male (just if you use regular seeds /bag of seeds)


What does @dbrn32 and @Donaldj think. Should I put her in the flower tent to determine sex? Transplant to 5 gallon fabric?


Cut a clone root it then flower clone


happy anniversary @HJL


Happy Anniversary @HJL
Fabric pots will allow the roots to come threw
And infact for outdoor use this will create what they call capillary feeding
The roots will grow threw pot into soil when i use mine outdoors I always raise them off the ground to prevent this
Not a big deal trim them back they will die eventually being exposed to tbe air and light


Good deal females in pics, good air, growing nicely, you may have some strong unique wins if they don’t hermi or are of a first or 2nd generation plant. Good luck! They look good​:clap::clap::clap::clap: