Bag seed finally budding

Well I think this plant is finally getting close seems like it has taken forever. Will be so glad to start my sour diesel into flower especially cause I made so many mistakes with the bag seed. Was great for learning I guess. Just happy that this bag seed looks like it will be pretty good cause I have no clue where I got it. Any thoughts are welcome. Love this site and so worth getting seeds from ilgm. Came so quick. Thanks guys.

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This is the bag seed.

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This is the sour diesel. Has been great since day 1. So happy I found this site.


Well that’s real good and we all hope you stay with us.
Were all here to help and learn from each other.
Keep our posted on future grows

B Safe


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How long has the SD been growing? Is it auto or photo? Looks good and healthy

Oh for sure. This site is a keeper and has taught me so much.

Sd is a little over a month old from the seed. Once this bag seed finishes its going to flower mode. Can’t wait.

Nice result. Whats your light source

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Right now the bag seed is under 150 watt hps and a 125 watt cfl. Now the sd is just under some cfls until I am ready to take it to flower and then it will go under the hps. Want to get a 600 hps/mh.

Hell looks good ,just watch that ph .& your nute level . she got aways to go , But looks good … Hammer

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i recommend the solis tech

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Thanks yea been looking at them lately really can’t decide what to get but will be looking into solis tech

i got the 600 watt adjustable out put ,and you can go from MH or mine came HPS by simply changing the bulb and so far iam liking their bulbs… mine came with the6"air cool tubes as well :grinning:

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Where did you puchase them @Hammer I need a pair like that

Will. P M. With your answer. OK

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