Bag seed, auto flower or no?

first time growing weed, not new to growing plants. I started six bag seeds I got out of my sister in laws stash. three turned out to be males. my question is at 5 weeks from germination does this look like an autoflower or just a bunch of preflowers?

Kinda looks like it’s beginning to flower

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My thoughts as well. :point_up:t2:
Looks like they’re starting to flower.:v:
What’s ur lite schedule ? @gasmancwby.

Interesting. I’ve been running them 18/6 since birth. 4’ 6 bulb t5s with 6400k bulbs. I’ll have a hlg triple QB 288 rspec over them Monday.

I have a handful of mephisto autoflower that I’ll be growing after this 2 at a time