Badges use and the 1 day, or 4 hr stuff


I know the badges are rewards, but have no idea what the 1 day or 4 hour or whatever reward is supposed to be or do. And havent been able to find anything on the site about it. Hope someone can help. Confused newbie for sure. :confused:


not sure either??


i do not know…newbe myself


if you click on one of the badge hyperlinks on that page it tells you about a particular one


@Tylan Thanks, but the definition is only part of what I needed to know. What is the gift or what it means when it says below the badge name that you are given 1 day or given 4hr or 2days or whatever. What is that? :confounded:




I like it. @Whodat66


You got a gift of nothingness! Don’t spend it all in one place.


I believe that is when you earned the badge, unless I am totally in the wrong place and misunderstanding, does that make sense…


It’s reading time how many posts read and the time it is guessed taken to read posts :wink: don’t be overly worried about badges they just come over time


Badges on here are stickers on construction works hard hats in the plants. …