Bad Timing On My Part

First-time grower. One plant at a time.
Tried a Scooby Snacks x Jack Herrer feminized (Not Auto) that didn’t take 2x. I guess 3rd time is the charm. Unfortunately, I need to get this to harvest in 14 weeks due to a move. Rookie mistake!

Don’t care about yield at this point. Just don’t want to waste it and get something back. Any advice is appreciated.

Set up:
Fox Farms soil
5-gal cloth bag
3x3x5 tent
600w led @24"
currently, 22/2 light cycle to move things along
I have fish so understand and have PH under control at 6.1
Pic is day 12 from sprout
Sat under a dome and misted 2-3x a day until day 10
Removed the dome as the first leaves were hitting it.
Day 12 gave 1st hit of 1/2 dose of FF Big Bloom about 1 cup
Using filtered water at room temp.
Yellowing at the edges is concerning as well as the first leaf’s crooked look.

Thanks for the advice!

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Firstly, welcome to ILGM!

Now… the pic didnt load, try to post it again.

And if youre looking at a countdown? Id be flipping to flower ASAP

That yellowing definitely isnt normal. How old is she again? Day 12. FF soils… ocean Forest?

HappyFrog. So you can turn to flower at any time? even in the seedling stage?

You should be able to flower in 10 weeks. So if you have 14 weeks till you pull the plug then you should wait a couple weeks until you go to 12x12 photoperiods. I wouldn’t do much if any training or topping.


You can grow a pretty dang big plant 12/12 on/off from seed. And the 12/12 is a plants natural signal to start flowering, now a plant will NOT flower until sexually mature. Which is around 4-6 weeks but yup. Putting them on 12 on 12 off will force flower at the soonest possible time.

After that you have 11+ weeks til harvest… optimally. The 11 comes from 9-10 flowering plus transition week or so. I agree with the 10 above me as well.


I got over 11oz off of 2 autos running 12/12. But I’ve also only gotten about 6oz from 3 photos on 12/12. Either way, you can do it but it’ll be dang tight.


Thank you all. I’ll wait another 3 weeks and change the light. So how would you feed with nutrients going forward?
I’d be happy with half an ounce any more is a bonus Until I can pull a full 4 month grow. That’s a whole nother set of questions…

@ChunkyMonkey i wouldnt start giving nutrs until around week 3 or 4. Your FF has enough to carry it about 4 weeks if youre in 5 gal pots. When you start your nutes with an auto, give 1/4 to 1/2 strength and see how she handles it.


@ChunkyMonkey :point_up_2: agreed :love_you_gesture:


It’s just taking the plant with you to the new crib not an option at all or do you just not want the hassle of moving your grow? This is just pure curiosity on my part. Either way, good luck!

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No, can’t move it. I would if I could but would draw too much attention. As soon as I move in this is starting again though for a full 20 weeks. Then it’s auto from here on out.

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@ChunkyMonkey welcome. I won’t weigh in on the particulars, you are in good hands. Banana ice cream on the other hand, now we’re on :rofl: :rofl:


I’ve done many a grow in 12 weeks by vegging my plant 4 weeks at 24/0 light schedule then flipping to 12/12. One trick is to pick strains that flower quicker with that said Jack x Scooby Snack is gonna be a 9 to 10 week flower not the fastest but is what it is.

If it was me 24/0 for 4 weeks and I’m topping twice and one day after last topping I’m flowering at 12/12. For 9 weeks fast curing and moving on.


Doing much better getting ready to flip to 12/12 next week will give me 12 weeks to the deadline.