Bad timing no grown, early buds

I cloned these under 18 hour light, moved them out into 13 hour a day and they started budding, The forum informed me the buds would drop off and normal growth would start. After over a month that hasn’t happened as you can see. Buds are still there, stinky and sticky, and the plant hasn’t grown much. This Bergman Gold is also much darker and compact compared to “from seed” plants. Any idea on what the outcome will be? I don’t mind a shorter more compact plant but will I ever have a more normal growth?

All the new single finger leaves growing out of the top looks as if it’s starting to revegg to me. You should start seeing new growth soon


Thanks, I didn’t consider this problem when I “timed” my clones. I thought the earlier the better. Any thoughts on why they are so much darker than their seedling counterparts that have grown as tall, but not as thick. I appreciate the help. It seems there is always something new to learn.

suggest you try a 14 hour day…

no they were not cloned from autos, they are outside now, thanks

Clones tend to grow more erratically than their seedling counterparts, which grow more like a Christmas tree.
And that clone definitely looks like it’s reverting back to veg.

This is a clone I took from my eldest plant that was flowering at the time I took the clone. She’s gonna be a bush.

Thats good news, thanks

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