Bad Strawberry Kush seeds?

Started some Strawberry Kush seeds.
Came from ILGM.
2 never sprouted and the one that did doesn’t look normal.
Has anyone seen one like this?
It’s 4 days old.
The seeds looked normal to me.
Do you think the plant will change in time?

Yep, I believe they had a bad batch. I had 4 that didn’t germinate. They offered to replace entire order or give me store credit for future purchase. I believe at @Capt.Cola had same issue and to have them replaced and has been able to get some in new order to germinate. Just signin to website and go to customer support.

Thank you. I’ll contact ILGM.
Have you ever seen one that looks that strange? I’m curious if it will ever look normal.

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If you have the means, I would keep growing it, see what happens. I’ve never seen that before

I agree you never know, it might turn into a monster… Ugly duckling to the swan thing.

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It was not me but I do remember reading about it. Strawberry kush sound tasty. From what I’ve read ilgm is good about replacing bad seeds.

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Man I can’t remember who it was, I was following their journal I think. Now I’m going to have track it down. Mainly because I like to see how the ones that they got to germinate is doing. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Off topic, but is your dog image a Cavalier KCS? If yes, where did you find him or her?

Yes. A Cavalier King Charles spaniel. He was a great dog. He died a few months ago after almost 15 years. We got him from Happiness is pets in Arlington Heights Illinois. He was such an adorable puppy we had to get him.

That was a great age. So sorry for your loss. Thanks for the info.