Bad seeds this season?

I too have three from a recent order that will not sprout after over three days. I am trying two more today. How do we get replacements?

Still waiting for response to seeds not all germinating . Almost harvest and still no refund on seeds that didn’t germinate . 8 of 10 germinated. Bergmans gold leaf 15$ a seed . Real small seeds and were old seeds .

This is my first grow. I germinated one white widow “auto” May 20th and today, September 15th it is in the last 7- 10 days of flowering. I had to force it to flower, as well. So, yeah- the 9 weeks auto has been a 17 week endeavor, so far. I have not tried my other auto seeds.

My ILGM seeds have been plump and 100% germ rate. I made the mistake of buying from another site and the seeds were half the size and 30% germ rate. They are replacing them. But live and learn I suppose.

Anyways, I order garden seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom and they have actually added extra seeds as there seems to be a problem across the board with germination. I know my big box store seeds bought for squash and cucumbers were abysmal and needed several plantings. I had some three year old seeds from Baker Creek that did better.

All I can surmise is that climate change is effecting all plants. My tomatoes did awful and I thought I did something wrong but every single friend I have from New York to California and here at home in The Land of Enchantment have told me their tomatoes did not do well either. We have had no bats and no honey bees this year either. It is sickening.

Actually I did a test to see if seed size effects germination and growth since there were 2 very small seeds in my zkittle shipment so far they succeeded were 2 larger seeds failed to germinate and they are similar sized as a normal seed at roughly the same age ( left 2 are the small seeds bottom right is 3 weeks younger then everyone else)