Bad seeds from this supplier

How many of you received bad seeds from this supplier? I purchased 10 seeds at a ridiculous price; one didn’t sprout at all and one is clearly a runt. (These were planted under the same exact conditions.)

Just cuz one is a runt and one didn’t sprout doesnt mean there bad. They are seeds not all seeds from any plant is guaranteed to sprout 100 percent od the time. They have a guarantee and will replace any that didn’t sprout. So u can send an email to them and tell them your one seed didn’t sprout and they will replace it

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I have moved your post to proper location on the forum. If you have an issue with seed germination the proper procedure would be to email customer service through the seed shop.

As far as rate of growth, that is usually dependent on growing conditions. Once seeds germinate it has done what it should, and is typically up to grower from there. If you would like some assistance troubleshooting that it would probably be best to post a support ticket and some pictures.


A runt is NOT a quality, healthy seed.


I’ve been a grower for over 50 years. I know what to expect and know what is normal.

Well this should be fun.

Good to see you are firing on all cylinders right out of the gate

Maybe step back a bit. take a breath, start over and lots of good folks here can possibly help?


Welcome to our community :wave:


Ya ever seen puppies born. Seen that runt? Momma wasn’t a bad girl.


But it germinated. Runts happen i wouldn’t focus on being salty over it. Kill it and plant another one or just let it grow

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Right, Screw nature and not being 100 percent. Damn plants.


As the other 8? Did you experience a 20% failure rate or did 100% of your plants fail to perform?

I got some wonky seeds from ILGM. They made it good, all I had to do was ask.


Seriously, if this is the vibration you direct at your plants it’s not a wonder they are short and gimpy. ILGM has a 99% viability rate for me. No runts, I didn’t make on my own by mistakes. It does not serve a seed company to send out crap, ILGM has a fantastic trust rating and 1000’s of happy growers leaving glowing reviews.

The only bullshit is how you came on the boards and started going off.

In all that time you never learned you catch more flies with Honey?
If you look around the boards here you will find that, your problem is not only uncommon with ILGM seeds, but is easily explained and commonly resolved by ILGM staff and board members.

Good luck, though after 50 years of growing you shouldn’t need it.


I have grown fir 1 year and have had no issues.
I did have issues on my first grow with germination but it was all MY FAULT
Not the seeds themselves.
Good luck
Happy growing

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I find when germinating seeds its usually the grower not the seeds, Plenty of steps you can take to ensure 100% germination. Just my opinion :man_shrugging:


I’ve been at this for 25 years, this is by far the best seed bank i have ever worked with. If i lose 1 of 20 seeds I’m disappointed. Always possible to get a bad batch but I’d think about changing your sprouting technique.


I’ve grown a few ilgm strains and sure some seem runty but end up producing the biggest thickest buds, never judge a pot on how runty the plant is the best pot I’ve ever grown was a spindly growing Mexican airline auto that only produced 2 ounces but those 2 ounces ARE OUTSTANDING in all departments( except size)


The runty one died so it’s no longer an issue–but thanks.

I’m a little curious as to how you find the seeds expensive? One seed just gave me 180 grams, her clone will give me more… thats worth more than 100 seeds at their prices. By a lot.
Complaining like this doesn’t add up to 50 years of experience in anything, either.


I purchased girls scout cookie and blackberry cush. the girls scout 3 did nothing and the others turned to male!!! and ruined the blackberry cush!!!