Bad or Good just trying to learn

4 1/2 weeks old

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Looking good good so far buddy do you know what they are

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AK-47. Really hope it works out well first trip down this road for me.

You doing great for hydro , looking great .


As long as you keep on your phone it’s not that bad

PH stupid auto correct

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Didn’t really understand your reply…

As long as you keep your ph level 5.8 then they will grow just fine with or without notes but they help to get better yields lighting is a big factor in yields to

Failed to mention these are auto flowers…

Sure would like to see buds or flowering soon…

Your doing some thing right so far they look very happy

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PH don’t have anything to do with auto’s buddy

Just wanna make sure I’m understanding corrrectly . The PH Level does not have to be maintained with Auto’s??

Your ph does matter when you growing any plant regardless of being auto or feminized . In hydro you want to keep your ph at 5.8 throughout your vegging time and once the auto stretched and start to pre-flower you want to raise your ph to 6.0 but gradually , so after you start to see the little white hairs that shows the beginning of budding , one week your raise ph from 5.8 to 5.9 , than the next week you raise to 6.0 , you follow me . Than after the plant shows its into flower you want to raise your ph to 6.2 no higher and let the plant finish at 6.2 .


Thanks Yoshi…

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PH Is killing me trying to control only thing I don’t have is ph up and thats what I need…

Yes it’s a prime factor in hydro , very very important to keep it in the right range everyday , now Advance nutrients helps maintaining a 5.8 ph for at least a week , but it’s pricier than most brands . Growing hydro takes a lot of attention and you have to be very precised with nutrients , PPM , and PH throughout the whole grow , but hydro is very rapid growing and can be lush and potent if it’s done in the range it needs to grow . I gave it a go earlier this year and I didn’t get far before I killed my little plant cause of my relentless work schedule , but I’ll try again later on when I get more time to monitor .

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I use phosphoric acid and sodium bicarbonate to adjust my pH levels. You could get away with any organic compound and don’t have to buy marketed stuff at premium niche prices. If you have vineger (acetic acid) you can use that.

They are beautiful. :seedling::herb::herb::evergreen_tree::grinning: good job, keep it up.