Bad info...All that glitters ain't gold!


Haha 1/2 is a good starting point for sure 1 hour should be able to tell how good it is
0 CDB in At all ?


That’s what it says @Countryboyjvd1971 I wouldn’t think it would have 0 either


Myself would go half then see where I’m at. I think a cookie or 2 may he in order for myself. The cookies turned out great. I’ve never eaten more than 1 and a half at a time :v:


I’d grub some cookies with you my dude! I have a brownie left, but I have to go see family today who are in town from Texas, so I’ll wait to join y’all on the edible train til I get back home lol.


I usually use about a pound and a half of clippings and undergrowth buds and about a quarter pound of broke up flower per gallon of vegetable oil. I have no idea of the ratios or anything like that percentage-wise, I just know that after a small 2 inch by 2 inch brownie I’m ready to conquer the world


I’m not doing anything today. Already wattered the plants and my buddy wants me to go out with them to a bar to watch midget wrestling haha. The bar isn’t really my scene. I’ll got out to have a few drinks, but never for extended periods or time. So it looks like xbox 1, cookies, and teaching myself how to roll.


@Dieselgrower I just made you a video showing you an easy way to roll but it won’t let me upload it… Says it’s the wrong format or whatever. I don’t see how the wrong format can be possible in 2018 with a iPhone 10 to any site but I only used to put in the underground fiber-optic not the technical crap behind it…


I don’t understand how technology just doesn’t work with everything in 2018 haha. I’ll get the hang of it. Practice makes perfect and I don’t mind just sitting here rolling joints all day :v:


Exactly, exactly and …EXACTLY!!! @Dieselgrower


That’s how I got better at rolling. I took a weekend and rolled a ton of joints. Before that, I was embarrassed to roll in front of anyone lol


That’s the plan haha


Well 1/2 wasn’t enough… the other 1/2 wasn’t really much better.
I think I’m going to stick to my oil bc if this Nature’s Grace edible that claims to be 100mg of THC really is 100mg, my oil has to be 1,000mg per the same amount consumed. And if this is what people are paying $10-$20 for, then I’m going to dub my fridge as Fort Knox or The Federal Reserve!

I did a online review of their product and asked if this was their Pediatric product line…
Like I said, I enjoy my oil but there’s still nothing in my opinion like flower…

Now I’m where I wanted to be at!


I also enjoy the whole flower.

Nice nugs…damned auto correct…


Do you decarboxylat your trim before throwing it into the oil?

:v: :sunglasses:


Yes… 210 degrees in the oven for 30 minutes… on wax paper in a glass cookie pan… :wink:



Why does it say bad info all I see is good stuff