Bad info...All that glitters ain't gold!


Well I’m on Maui Hawaii right now so is definitely a big difference … However I have lived off the grid in northern Arizona just north of Flagstaff for 4 years and in that 4 yrs only went to the store a small handful of times. My goal is to sell my business here, sell the house here, divorce the wife… LOL just kidding maybe not but just kidding and come up there and get it set up more than a Trapper Shack LOL but I definitely know what you’re talking about. I spent two years in Saskatchewan Canada as a hunting guide, and that’s where I learned how to dress and hunker down. Seclusion doesn’t bother the least, but it won’t be exactly roughing it either. I’m looking at high-wattage output alternative energy sources such as wind turbines hydro turbines and solar panel roof that will be employed at the different seasons. Shoveling snow off of solar roof panels sucks and you don’t get a whole lot of Hydropower systems doing too much in a fozen river unless you got some ridiculously priced set up that is submersible under the ice. Wind is the way to go but it would require a wind farm and to generate enough amperage to maintain the voltage that would have to be consistant. I know a lot of people here on the island that go back and forth between Alaska and Hawaii.


@blackthumbbetty I’ve also got 2 Quonset Huts up in Flagstaff Arizona as well they’re disassembled but travel easy and assemble easy.

I want to set one up just the way it is as the kit and the other one I want to turn into a house like the other one pictured.


Yep, a lot of Alaskans are snowbirds.

Quonset huts are fairly typical up here, so you’ll be in good company.

Living off the grid is not the hard part. It’s living off the grid in arctic temps that’s tough.

I’m not trying to argue or debate; I was just giving you fair warning that this place is rough & tumble. I’m going on my 17th year of living in the rural interior. I’ve seen enough people run away after just one winter up here, simply b/c they weren’t prepared.

I love this place, but it’s definitely not for the faint of heart.

Happy growing!


@blackthumbbetty I wasn’t taking anything you said as argumentative or as debating. You are just explaining the reality of the conditions that come along with Alaska living and I can definitely respect that.
Both Alaska and Hawaii both are the 2 most transient states in the country. Alaska bc plenty of ‘city slickers’ move up there completely unaware of the realities of Alaska living. It’s remoteness, it’s climate, the cost of necessities and lack of public services readily available just outside the front door like most ares in the lower 48. And Hawaii bc dreamers come here and think they can live a perpetual vacation lifestyle on one of the most expensive zip codes on planet earth, only to have to have someone from back home send them the money for a plane ticket to tuck tail and run back to mama. Most of the general population holds 2 jobs and live multifamily in one dwelling just to make ends meet.
A lot of surfers from all over the world come here and you can watch them get skinnier and skinnier and you see their hair, toenails and skin look like their turning into Aborigines bc they thought they they could come here and backpack around and sleep on the beaches taking into account that the warm tropical climate that drew them here to start with is the very thing that work against them, deteriorating any and all materials, like tents, clothes, food and anything metal that’s exposed to the environment and element. I would definitely take struggling in Hawaii over struggling in Alaska of course but my point is, no matter where you go in life, if not prepared with a plan and supplies and most importantly enough money or enough money coming in regularly, be it moving to an apartment in South Carolina or a trappers shack beyond the arctic circle, life’s gonna suck.


I’m part Hawaiian, myself. Most of my Hawaiian family live in/near Kahili. :grinning:


That’s awesome, you got the best of both worlds flowing through your blood girl!


I’m between Lahaina and Kapalua.


I am a big fan of Lahaina! Well, I’m a fan of Hawaii in general lol. Got my finger tattooed in Lahaina for me and the wife’s 3 year anniversary around 4 years ago. North shore of Oahu is another of my favorite spots.


@MattyBear Lahaina is great. You need to spend a Halloween here sometimes! It’s like the Hawaiian version of Mardi Gras down Front St!
I love it here but after 12 yrs and 8 of those straight, it’s time to get off this rock.


I hear you. I’ve heard of people getting Island Fever lol. Great place to visit and vacation at, but cost of living keeps it as that lol.


Little off subject and I know there are appropriate places to post for Edibles and questions but I’m not looking for a drawn-out discussion on it I just want to know if I should pop this whole thing in my mouth…


Have you ever eaten edibles before ? @Dkr8180


I drink the sodas that are 100mg no problem, but my tolerance is through the roof lol


I would start off with a 1/4 or 1/2 first then give it an hour to an hour and a hakf


Only out of the oil I make to make cornbread or brownies. I have never bought anything from a dispensary or had anything that shows it’s milligram G status of components. My oil is pretty damn strong a lot of people say it’s too strong but I was reading online where it says that for a daily smoker or medical patient 10 to 15 mg is where you should be at. I don’t agree with that at all because I’ve had people say that they eating 15 mg of THC and had no comparison whatsoever to the vegetable oil that I’ve made. I have a very high tolerance for cannabis as I’m sure a lot of us do but I damn sure don’t want to find myself in the pigeon coop picking at corns on my feet…


Hahahaha you definitely don’t want to be doing that lol.


Edibles are usually recommended to start around 10 mg and soses are increased frim there until you find your sweet spot
I like @MattyBear have a high tolerance and would eat the whole thing
But if your not sure i would do as @Dieselgrower suggested


Sounds like tou can handle the whole thing just clear your schedule just incase you need a nap hahahahaha
If your infusing your own oil im sure youll be fine with eat the whole thing


Well after careful consideration… And really thinking it through… Not
1/2 now and We’ll see.


I’m on my week vacation now so it’s all good. The crop is Flushing and I don’t have anything to do for the rest of the day so here we go