Bad info...All that glitters ain't gold!


Lmao you don’t have to flatter me I do tend to share freely I just like to taunt and figure out the person I am talking to some so I can judge how to answer :wink:

works for all plants hydro or soil since it is directly related to nutrient flow and storage access minerals being pulled too or from leafs, much like clear urine verses dark determines minerals and hydration level in people.


Really? I learn something everyday. Thanks for that tip. I’m going to try that. Sorry for interrupting. Carry on, fellas.


@Donaldj well, my name’s Keith. I was born of a sunny day at 10:22am and had a pretty good upbringing. I’m the middle of 3 sons and miraculously my parents are still married. We moved around A LOT when I was a kid, due to my daddy being in the Marine corp. I did pretty good in school and was a well behaved young lad until I discovered reefer. Then mama said it all went down hill.
There’s a lot more but most of its just filler…


I am just going to assume you have flushing down :wink:
My lights will be on tonight at 6pm and off by 6am so I will give ladies a couple of hours dark which will let water in my plants settle back down to roots. I will enjoy my morning coffee answer a few posts before bucking down ladies slow and methodically starting with top kolas :stuck_out_tongue: Then wet trim while leafs are still nice and rigid and hang the lower parts of plant will still be in the dark and not wilting since they are still attached to plant this means if I get called away or side tracked leafs don’t wilt and make plants harder to trim :wink:
Once trimmed I hang for 3-4 days or until the stems crack not snap
At that point I have gone back to the 80’s and pulled out a classic buds aren’t fully dry so I place them in paper bags 1-2" thick layer to dry in cool dark place for another 4-5 days this traps more terpenes than air drying with lower risk than going straight into paper bags. The paper allows slow release of moisture without condensation or having to burp.
Once buds are removed from bags I place in jars or tote with meter to confirm they aren’t still too moist or overly dry (boveda) if too dry :wink: if they are too moist I burp or daily until I reach desired RH 55% I will leave them stored opening a few minutes a day for a week but even at this stage they are quite smokable. but flavor and smoothness will improve with age


@Donaldj the only thing I’m not 100% clear on is are you saying you remove the cola and dry separate from the lower remaining part of the plant?


Correct since the lower part of plant tends to have smaller less dense buds which dry faster. I also have a BHO extractor so can be fussy since I process anything with triches I don’t foresee you having that extra step with your ladies but I don’t remove all lower buds during flower like some because even larf makes good shatter


@Donaldj and are you doing all this trimming while the plant is still standing? Sorry brother… Last question I swear


Nope I cut several kolas off strip any fan leafs as I cut kolas off and base how many kolas on how long I want to sit and trim at a shot I like to get up and stretch so a handful of kolas at a time works for me :wink:


Perfect @Donaldj! Thank you so much for taking the time you have for me. Much appreciated and you have taught me a lot!


All good I learn just as much from others it’s a 2 way street


Would you look at all this!! The triches have been pouring out like it’s been covered in wet sugar and dusted with crystally Powdered sugar just in the last 48 hrs flushing! After flushing for 30 hours, drained and replaced rez with new sterile rez and I mixed straight water with 1 teaspoon of baking soda and I allowed the ph’d water to just fill the 4" tubes by shutting of the drain valve and turning the pump off once all tubes are full and let it sit in there and soak for 4 hours and then opened the valve and let it all drain out at full flow capacity and, cleaned rez and again refilled enough ph water with 1 teaspoon of baking soda mixed in the rez to fill the 4" tubes again, shutting of the draining full and allowed it to sit for another and 4 hours. Tonight before lights out i refilled rez, all 20 gallond and added a tablespoon of baking soda this time bc of course bc of the additional volume of water to run the systen vs just filling it to soak again. Lights out now and running the pump now, to continue to flush bc I still taste that slight bitterness in the leaf still, getting better, but i think with me giving the plants nute ratios of week 7 to 9 week old plants, the nute level was higher than it would be if proper tapering down to the 8th week ratio then the even more reducing in the 9th week ratio, the nute build up was so high that it’s actually requiring a slightly longer and more patient flush process bc the plant still looks like it isn’t showing the first bit of nute deficiencies. The plants are definitely feeling their demise and like I said, its putting out more resin and last ditch effort to protect itself from the dryer air and slightly higher temps in giving and knowing that, its using the last of its internal remaining nutes. Not even the first big fan leaf towards the lower canopy has turned the first shade of yellow and the slightly lighter than minty color of the upper large leaves around and under the cola, not the sugar leaves, haven’t changed a bit. It’s back to that whole idea that these bushy ladies were packed full of nutes, again due to the giving too high a ratio of nutes bc of the whole brainfart 2 wk mix up, so I think I’m going to repeat the process all over again tomorrow and refill fresh rez tomorrow night and if that last bit of bitterness is gone, I’m chipping them Sunday morning.
Ive gut never seen the amount of last ditch effort in a plant to excrete this much resinious triches to battle it’s demise!
I am stoked that I, luckily, went from the oh snap bummed out to now being in the clouds. Life of a grower i guess and pretty much just life in general…

Additionally, ended up tweezing 18 nanners off that first day and 7 the second and today on the 3rd day there weren’t any.



She sure looks purdy @Dkr8180


Thanks @Covertgrower. I’m so relieved I’m ecstatic.


Alaska is pretty expensive, too.


@blackthumbbetty are you referring to the per kw price?


I’m referring to everything! Lol! I live up here, myself.

I pay 28¢/kwh.


This depends on which part of Alaska you’re in…
southeast we are powered by hydro… so it’s cheap. It’s just everything else that’s expensive! @blackthumbbetty


Absolutely! Here a gallon of milk cost $8 and god forbid you don’t realize that you need milk until after 9pm when every grocery store on this side of the island closes then you’re stuck paying $11-$12 at a gas station…
After 8 yrs mostly here, ive already decided to move over to northern Cal. It’s not exactly cheap there but it’s a heck of a lot better than $0.33 per kilowatt and $12 gallons of milk!


I’m going to eventually work my way up to Alaska but I want to make sure I can set up a decent metal building with skylights and lesser wattage HPS lights to be able to open the top of the building and have lights on slide away overhead mount system bc @Covertgrower already told me around the area that I had talked about coming to was more like a rainforest and not a whole lot of sunlight so I want to try to have something where I can do a little bit, somewhat outdoor when available weather-wise permits and be able to have that closed up when artificial lighting is needed. Of course that’s all probably two to three years out but I’ll be in Northern Cal by this upcoming Sept or Oct.
If you look on the What is your other Hobbies post you can see that my type of Lifestyle and having The Sawmill would make things pretty darn easy for me up that way. It’s just getting so flipping costlyshipping everything! Fortunately, The Sawmill is already up in Flagstaff Arizona so have you have a lot cheaper. It’s just all these supplies that I have from a container that I had an inside or tell me what was inside of it and I didn’t stop bidding until it was mine. But I can’t keep doing this Hawaii life and handing out the nose for just waking up in the morning. I love it here but it’s time to turn this place into a summer Retreat or an occasional vacation spot. I’ve only been to Alaska one time and that was flying into Anchorage and taking a smaller plane out to some small area a good distance away for a caribou hunt so I just fell in love with like everybody else who comes there but the actual practicalities of it I haven’t got in yet.


Just remember that Alaska has its own set of negatives, one of them being the cold. If you’re way down south, your weather is going to be very Washington-esque, but if you’re farther north, we have very severe winter weather from October through April.

Also, goods are fairly expensive here, unless you live in Anchorage; everything I need for my grow, except soil, has to be bought online, or you’ve got to drive 2-8 hours, ONE WAY, to get to a real store.

I welcome all adventurers to Alaska! I just want you all to know that this place doesn’t show any mercy. :grinning: