Bad info...All that glitters ain't gold!


I now keep very loose notes for the exact reason lol. You get a feel for what’s going on and if you have any other contradictory data start second guessing yourself. I have a nice laminated set of notes on feeding data, and couldn’t even tell you where my other notes are. Shit happens bro, not a big deal.


No worries @Dkr8180 this stays between us. Lol. My grow is kind of the same, I expected them to finish 2 weeks out, but instead, they’re pretty much ready NOW. So you and I are in the same boat.
THC Bomb seemed to go a little bit longer than the rest, that being said I haven’t checked mine, but I checked the others that I expected to finish sooner.
I keep very loose notes, and so far I’m really good at remembering when I changed the schedule.
This is why we do what we do, always improve the next grow.


@dbrn32 @Covertgrower @MattyBear my wife got me this…lol


I hope my conclusions were somewhat clear? even if I was elaborating on theory and expressing some contradictory info to what we normally mention :wink: AKA do at own risk lmao
@dbrn32 @Dkr8180 I agree personally our ever pressing desire for higher THC is likely the enemy of terps but there are also desired effects to consider when weighing the info. An educated grower will be better judge of when to harvest for which effect also when to flush to time accordingly
@Dkr8180 if your ladies are consuming water fast and you taper ppm towards end a flush can be as little as 24 hr’s pluck a leaf and suck on stem bitter bad almost no taste like grass or water good to go :wink: Mine are enjoying 48hr flush as I have a request for less potent early buds (more uplifting and less couch lock) I have actually received feed back along the lines of I don’t want to get so high lmao


I agree, so much personal preference involved.


Hahaha! Did she include a big red crayon?


on a side note LED is performing well enough did introduce PK trigger today but longer transition than LEC


Note the yellowing leaves I just started flush 20hr’s ago and they were green when I did res change :wink:


@Donaldj you have definitely sent me on an extensive research patch and I’ve learned a lot from it. With this particular strain, THC bomb, I have always tried to get the triche’s as amber as I can for pain medication. But yeah, sometimes it’s just too much. They have been flushing for 21 hours and my res water after ph down was 160 andnow is up to 400 (ppm at roots before draining nute rez lastnight was 1,060) and I tasted the leaves and they are still pretty bitter with nutes, so I’m going to drain the rez and fill with fresh ph water now and let it run another 24hrs and taste them this time tomorrow.
The plants have been drawing the water up relatively quickly so I’m leaning to the point you made that it will be flushed before 4-5 days. The one thing that I have noticed is that the upper leaves are firming up but nothing on any of the whole plants have even started to yellow. I know that yellowing isn’t what’s the tell tell sign but with bitterness in the leaves and the plants still looking as fresh and perky as always, I’m going to try another 24hrs.


The reason mine started to yellow so quick is my ppm at change was about 600 mostly sugars and Epsom salt they have been N deprived for days already :wink: In your system much like mine there are usually salt/mineral buildups which need to be flushed out of plumbing washed off walls which absorb far easier with fresh water so a double res change within a couple of days of starting flush is quite normal I cheat by adding florakleen at top off before res change. It reduces any residual nutrient salts left in res at change :wink: My res change lastnight was 90 ppm sweet and florakleen nothing else


Yeah @Donaldj I’m going to do a much better job at cleaning the system, pump and steralizing everything before I start the next crop. Fortunately now I’ve got almost 2 weeks before the seedlings need to go in it so ive got time to get it all done.
Your crop looks sweet!


We’ll see tomorrow they get another light cycle will buck them down as my TGIF exercise they are ahead of schedule so likewise will be doing thorough space cleanup and making some adjustments


A little sulfur ripening? The quote was so it stood out, I believe that’s a nice little tip there for those on nute budget.


@Donaldj step by step, tell me if you would what you do from the time you deem it’s time to harvest til finished cure.


Budget Raw Cane sugar for calcium sweetness (Hydro) Molasses soil
Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) for hydro or soil


@Donaldj I just took these with lights out (6pm) and with the lights out you can really see the yellowing now! They’ve been minty green for the past week and a half or so but I couldn’t tell any difference with 1,000 watt hps lighting. I’m going to let flush tonight and hopefully taste no bitterness tomorrow then chop them but I want to do it different that I did with my last hydro grow which had all the potency but non of the aromas and very little flavors.


like to make me work do ya???


@Donaldj My daddy always taught me when you find a smart man you listen to him…


This leaf tasting business, does this work for all plants, or only those grown in hydro? I’ve never heard of anyone doing this, but it sounds like the kind of thing we did back on the farm.


It’s a common practice @raustin and it can be done with all plants.