Bad info...All that glitters ain't gold!


@Dieselgrower @Covertgrower I too have had a moderate amount of Foxtailing with this strain. It is genetics but I also have never had bananas,
Oh well, it takes around 3-4 weeks for seeds to develop so I think I’m going to be good to have them harvested in 6 days.
I just wanted to be on the high end of amber triches percentage but maybe next time…


Yes they are turning herm on you I typically go straight to flush at first sign not just to prevent the seedy buds but also to prevent having to gut and sterilize space prior to future plants. So if you had planned on 48 dark and stem split feel free I would be more concerned with reducing more stress and just getting them harvested before I had pollen


Alright @Donaldj. That’s exactly what I’m going to do. I see your point on reducing any and all further stress so I’m just going to flush for 4 days and just do 48 hrs of dark, no drilling or splitting stems.
I did see a few amber triches here and there so maybe by the 13th ill luck up and make it through this!
Thanks everyone @Covertgrower @Dieselgrower @Nug-bug @Donaldj @MattyBear


Have you @Donaldj or any other hydro growers out there heard of just leaving the plant attached to the stalk in its upright position in the netting pot still in the hydro system with the roots attached and all of it leaves still attached and stopping the water completely while keeping the ventilation on and environment at 68° with a RH of 50% and fans not directed at the plants themselves and letting them slow dry like that?
I have always cut the plant, remove all big fan leave and a few of the larger usher leaves and just hung the entire plant for a few day, 7-8 approx. in total darkness until outside of buds feels dry and sligtly crispy and then lightly trim the remaining sugar leaves an cut off buds and put into a mason jar followed by opening and closing lids to remove any inside moisture that has worked its way to the outside of the bud and the sad fact is, my once sticky stinking buds often loose flavor and aroma even weeks later. Not a hay or green grass smell, just little to no smell until put through the grinder. Bag appeal is wonderful and the effect is top shelf but the flavor and aroma hasn’t been there like it was when I was growing in soil with my first hydro grow and a few samples I took a couple of weeks ago…
What is my best method of maintaining that VERY poignant smell and delicious fruity lemon flavor??
And if so, do you leave the lights on the 12 12 cycle while the plants are sitting there with no water in the tubes drying?? Surely not…


Organic hydro is the answer, the terpenes

Are naturally evaporated off as buds dry since many of them are in the moisture which we dry out in organic grows there is a higher fatty acid content (oils) which tend to trap more terpenes in most cases any time we disturb our plants during flower the smell is thick this attracts pollen carrying insects helping to transfer genes. An organic grow tends to provide plants with more natural oils, terpenes is a broad spectrum term we associate with scents and taste. Bag appeal as you put it is result of the oils developing hydro grows do tend to have less since they can be lacking in fatty acids compared to soil even soil-less adding enzymes to your flower regime can and will help regain some of that the enzymes will breakdown dead root matter converting it to carbs and oils :wink: Terpinator, Hygrowzyme Floralicous etc…
I have never tried in system drying since I always deemed the risk of trapped moisture in system creating mold spores too high


I like it when people keep me on my toes and doing my home work lmao


Terpenes are also mostly noticed in fast harvest and fast dried buds rather than later harvest and slow dried. We as growers actually end up reducing terpenes in our harvest times and pre harvest procedures the hunt for that amber trich and 48hr dark period since terpenes are meant to attract and insects to spread pollen as plant passes it’s fully mature window the terpenes degrade much like THC there are more terps in clear trichs than cloudy or amber :wink: Also light aides in terp production so a 48hr dark cycle decreases potential terpenes in any given trich too cloudy too amber less bag appeal.
This line of thinking actually contradicts some harvest suggestions pointing back to older methods pistil color and mostly milky rather than 1/2. The uplifting effect of many early harvest buds is result of terpene levels being higher? interesting thought?? Most commercial growers harvest on schedules with timelines to meet perhaps it is aiding in the bag appeal?


As always @Donaldj great answer, and informative. Thank you.


I try and usually questions like this lead to me reading way too much info on a topic I may only ever answer once but does have me rethinking my harvest times some :wink:


@Donaldj…lmao! Did you see the part where I said explain to me like a 2 yr old??
Im just teasing you. Great read and very helpful. Thanks bud!


There’s a video somewhere suggesting that terpene profiles are being coincidentally breed out the modern chase for high thc levels.

I don’t have the background to validate stuff like that. But was definitely interesting and seemed to make some sensible points.


I think I may rethink my harvest times as well based on the information you posted here!

Flavor is the quality I’m chasing down right now. You may have just helped me to my goal…


@Donaldj if I’m understanding you and the sites you posted, this should be perfect??


@Covertgrower you remember you telling me that ‘we all like samples’ the other day when I posted that I yanked 2 of them looking into a possible root issue? We’ll I tried some after a 6 day dry and had a toke or 2 before I put it away to cure and I was impressed… Today, after discovering the &$#@, ¿€#<*, ♤□[king nanners on a few of my early 7th week plants and I was disappointed to say the least. So, to pacify myself since I was out of Jameson I cracked open a jar of the Bomb I plucked early and was amazed at the smell. I was worried bc I did a wet trim to them and hung them in a less than ideal place for such a quick dry and of course not more than a week in the jar and i have had some should we say, not always the most aromic turnout after cure, but man, after ripping the bong 2-3 times, I didn’t know if I wanted to jump up and do dishes, paint the outside of the house, after painting the neighbors or go down to town and grab a bite, and a milkshake, and hit up a Krispy Kreme or just head out on a road trip! I thought for sure it would be mediocrity at best, and was bummed especially after having to start a flush last bc of the nanners last night but damn bro, I haven’t had that kind of buzz since I was maybe 14! lol
Then get this, when I did get home and got the dried donut glazing washed off my fingers, I sat down and looked through my digital diary, my photo log on my phone which I normally have ALWAYS kept a written, very detailed journal but with the move, getting everything setup, work, four kids, blah blah blah, I just kept up with it on my phone. Well, while looking through the pics, my wife and I were also looking at some pics we had taken of the kids and she asked what date one particular pic we ran across was taken on bc she was higher than I was and was trying to figure out her own thing and when I hit the info button on the pic it said 1/19/18. She, even as high as she was, told me that that wasn’t right bc the pic had been taken at one of her family members house sometime before Christmas, 2016… After wondering what the heck was the deal, it hit me that before I got this new phone I had uploaded all of my pics and calendar notations that were on my old phone to Google photos…on, you guessed it 1/19/18. So ALL of the pics prior to the ones I took on my new phone since 1/19 are all dated 1/19! So… amongst the move, 80+ hr work weeks since 1/15, the 4 kids as mentioned, and the golf, hunting, fishing and and and, I somehow got off on my grow by 2 whole weeks!!! What an idiot!!
The good news is it’s ready… and man is it some fire!
P.S. let’s keep this between me and you, ok?? :pensive:

Ok, well maybe me, you and
It would only let me mention 10 members per post so for everyone else and those who have liked my post without knowing how retarded all this was going, we can catch up with each other in future idiocies.
I feel like an idiot… This mistake isn’t one that comes with going from soil to hydro and learning all that’s involved with it. This is growing 101… no wonder ive had little issues here and there, even with almost near perfect environmental conditions and the right equipment. Each week since 2nd week into flowering, and I refer to that loosely bc these things popped out 100’s of bundlets literally overnight immediately upon going 12/12 after only 3 weeks out of the cloner, they have been getting the wrong weeks nute ratios!! Geeze…
But… I’ll be damned if this THC Bomb didn’t do it’s thing and had to slap me in the face with some nanners to say damn boy, enough’s enough!
To my pointless defense… I have been checking triches at least 2x a week (just turned somewhat cloudy around 7 days ago), sometimes more. I have maintained, religiously, a clean and healthy grow room and as near perfect environment and the leaves have only shown 2 issues and one was the tiny copper colored spots that popped up and was treated with potash and resolved and just lately, mild cupping of the medium fan leaves at the top of the canopy which I’m now almost certain was the plants knowing their time has come and despite how perfectly kept ppm in the rez and temps and ph and ventilation and air circulation and hospital like sterilness, it said screw you, but actually reverted to try to screw itself by popping out a few nanners thinking that, hey, this guys an idiot so we better give this idiot a few seeds to try better next time! Luckily, even as much of a bad mofo this strain is and how ridiculously straight up retarded it’s gardener was, with a little help from you guys and a wife I can’t getvanything, and I mean anything, by; I am able to get this hydro thing right again by the skin of my teeth!
You guys feel free to snicker or whatever, bc my wife just has stopped and now in the just shaking her head mode…


Don’t beat yourself up too bad bro! Life happens to us all and I’m guilty of not taking the best notes on my ladies, but that’s what I keep journals for now lol. Glad they’re fire buds and can’t wait to see some harvest pics! Im gonna harvest an ATF tomorrow so happy times to us all!


This good…

This not as good…


Don’t be do hard on yourself life anf things happen. You have some kickass medicine that you yourself grew and that’s pretty cool. :v:


Thanks @MattyBear.
Im just glad it all worked out. I’m taking them down early Monday morning now since I’m off finally. I just want to do a really good flush since I didn’t get the opportunity to start tapering down nudes in what would have been the 7th week. Now I’m figuring a good 5-day flush ought to do it.


I hear you. She should be good after 5 days of a flush in hydro, I would think.


I appreciate it @Dieselgrower. All we can do is try and do better next time. You can bet your bottom dollar it’ll be the last time I won’t know exactly what day/week my plants are in.