Bad info...All that glitters ain't gold!


And the wheels on the bus go round and round.
42 more THC Bomb babies will be ready to go straight into flower in 3 weeks. Just enough time to finish these 21 up, put the other half of the system tohether, hang 2 additional 1,000 watt HPS Raptor 8 lights and resterilize everything.
I keep 6 THC Bomb mothers going under two (8) bulb T5’s at all time.

These clone to this point in 6-8 days.
I still haven’t got the small CRIB system set up yet so I’m still just using plastic airated veg trays.

It’s definitely a labor of love!


Digging your set up @Dkr8180


Thanks @Covertgrower
I just finished a 10’x12’ shed so I’m hoping to have it setup with (4) Raptor 8’s and another (42) unit hydro system within the next month so I can rotate a harvest per month out of the (2) systems.
If I want anymore than that, I’m going to have to buy stock in the power company! At $0.33 per kw, Maui Electric is loving me…


I feel you there I have a nearly $500 power bill to pay this week we have a tiered rate so kills me running space heater


It’s getting out of hand a little huh @Donaldj ?!
Ive got:
(4) 436watt T5’s,
(2) Raptor 8 1000 watt HPS,
(1) ?wattage submersible pump
(1) 1,500 watt AC unit
(1) 1,000 watt AC unit
(1) 1,500 watt space heater
(Only on during lights out)
(1) 440 watt 750cfm vent. fan
(1) 220 watt 360cfm vent. fan
(5) oscillating fans
(5) dual output airation pumps
(2) 4-output airation pumps
(1) 400 watt Dehumidifier
(2) small humidifiers
And when I setup the shed and put both complete hydro systems in use, it’s going to be additional:
(6) 1,000 watt raptor 8’s
(4 in each grow room)
(1) 1,500 watt AC unit
(2) oscillating fans
(1) 4 output agitation pump
(1) 400 watt dehumidifier
(1) 1,500 watt space heater
(1) 440 watt 750cfm vent. fan
My meter needle is smokin’!


I’d be investing in an on grid solar system for sure!


@dbrn32 that’s what my brother keeps telling me. I probably could have already paid for two or three of those systems in comparison to what I’ve paid in electric bills over the last 2 years!


Out of likes, but for most people it’s the initial investment being unavailable. But they’re looking at it based on around .10kwh cost. Drawing that kind of power at .33 I’m not sure how you could afford not to lol.

I’m not super familiar with the more residential type setups, but there are some panels available that use individual micro inverters. That makes it a lot easier to add panels later, instead of having to get a bigger inverter every time you want add more. Would make sense if you wanted to do a couple thousand watts at a time or whatever.


Well, fortunately I’m moving to northern California sometime around Oct of this year and the per/kw is only $.12. I can live with that!


@Donaldj I’m in my 7th wk flower on this THC Bomb and yesterday morning I started seeing foxtails pop up here and there. No biggie…
Today i go in there and the Foxtailing has boomed and there are these little yellow bananas starting to pop out of them. I know that bananas of a fem plant usually means that it has hermied, but I’ve never dealt with Foxtailing before and am wishfully hoping that this is some strange oddity associated witH it.
If it is however, and being in the 7th month with all the triche)s nice and cloudy, how would you recommend that I go ahead and in the crop. Lights out, flush, drill hole in stalks, what’s best to salvage?

Up close…


Definitely harvest if all trics are cloudy.
If left alone you’ll have pollen everywhere and will only ruin the next crop if not addressed


I have a plant that’s about to come down on Saturday and I’ve noticed 2 nanners, but since it’s so close to harvest, I’m not gonna stress on those. I have some genetic foxtailing that’s trying to start and that just tells me she’s ready lol.


Ok you guys, talk to me like I’m a two-year-old…
I am growing in a continual flow system so I’m going to drain my nutrients out of reservoir replaced with a fresh clean Reservoir with just plain pH water, and from there like I said talk to me like I’m a two-year-old because I have never encountered this problem and I want to know step by step what I need to do to salvage this crop.
Rez is draining as we speak…


@MattyBear yeah, I’m in the same exact boat…


If it’s a few you could pluck them off before they open while flushing your girls.
May want to get to the root of the problem though. Nanners are a sign of stress, be it light leaks or other causes. Not a hermie trait due to genetics @dkr8180


@Nug-bug thanks. I’ve got the bi-folds on and tweezers in my hand now!
From what I’ve read, as long as it’s just the bananas that are coming out late in the flowering stage, and no ball sack type things, it would be okay to do just that. Tweeze them out.


Correct see edit above


I grew one of these and it began to foxtail later in flower.


@Dkr8180 my THC Bomb also fox tailed. But no nanners…


@Nug-bug i think the culprit is light leak. I have/had all indicator lights on power strips, dehumdifiers led, the AC led all covered up but noticed last night that the cover over the AC’s led’s had come off and I honestly don’t know how many nights it’s been like that. And it is bright as heck…
Found 14 buds that had bananas and plucked them out. Replaced rez with a new sterilized rez and filled with fresh ph’d water with only FloraKleen and will flush continuing 12/12 for 4 days changing out rez water daily then do 48 hrs no lights and yank them in the dark the morning of the 16th