Bad info...All that glitters ain't gold!


I was thinking about building something to put between my plants when I run two photos in SCROGs for cloning to flower… so something like a smaller version of what you have going on, probably with either a single pipe that I’d run down the middle of the tent or maybe a T shape. I was thinking I could just run a small pump and a 1" line through a 5 gallon control bucket.


@Covertgrower that would be great and much appreciated! Anything I can do to better myself or to assist anybody I will always be more than willing. I’m over in Maui Hawaii so I’m in the same boat as you as far as time. Thanks again and definitely anything that you got you think I might be interested in throw it at me.


@Bogleg, yeah, I was taking out of my cloner and putting into the netting baskets and just putting it into small vegetation trays with the nutrient in there and an aeration pump going to each one like this but now I buildinh a smaller system that is 2.5’w x 5’l that I can go from to the bigger unit. 42 plants total.

THIS is what I was doing but now I will pretty much eliminate transfer stress and I’m ready for flower within two weeks of going into the big system.


Bigger than I imagined, but should have known. When my aspirations of commercial growing happen, I’ll start with this size… awesome. @Dkr8180


Really cool set up and thanks for all the info!


@Covertgrower I’m itching to go bigger too. I need laws to change dang it.


@MattyBear, thanks. Im new at this hydro and I was fortunate enough to get a shipping container full of pretty much 5-10 of everything Hydrofarm has their name plastered on and it is night and day between the days of the 2 plant attic setup. The right equipment makes it easier of course, but now that I’ve had a plethora of equipment this past year and a half and seeing what each thing is, it’s purpose, it’ operations and especially its cost!!! I’ve discovered some pretty cool, extremely enexpensive hacks from aluminum foil to baking soda to diy homemade components.
I’ve often looked for a forum that has a section where everyone posts some of their ‘Fankenstein’ to ‘Einstein’ ideas/hacks to assist in folks saving money #1 but get creative and innovative. Maybe @Countryboyjvd1971 @Donaldj @Covertgrower or some other of the more experienced members could kick it off.
I’m thinking things like this. A homemade Tote and Drum Tumbler…

All parts except for the drill and microscreen were picked up at ACE Hardware.


@Covertgrower it’d probably be faster to change addresses rather that wait for ‘Suits’ to pass rational laws. Sad as that is…


Dude that is pretty sweet
I have been thinking about something like that for a while now very cool @Dkr8180
Im sure other will see this and comment or tou can start a new thread on FYI projects if you wanted to I personally think it would be a interesting thread :+1:


@Dkr8180 Interesting drum tumbler you have. It does bring fresh ideas to the table. Alaska is a recreational state, so no worries on that. 3 plant flowering, 12 plant total is the legal limit per household here. Not that all of us keep strictly that many… :wink:


@Countryboyjvd1971 yeah, I just didn’t know if apparatuses that didn’t pertain to the actual cultivation of marijuana would be appropriate to this forum community.
I think tonight after lights out i will start that up.


@Dkr8180 we are all up for any ideas related to cannabis. You should find the DIY rosin press thread… we’ve all done something interesting on a DIY level, and shared on here. From car windshield heat shields from the dollar store for reflective material, to making a cheap grow room, we are all in!


@Covertgrower I’m seriously considering coming up that way soon. I’m getting Island fever and it’s still only medical here. Not that it much matters bc the laws here are so chill but at .33 cents per kilowatt it doesn’t take much running monthly to top $1,600-$1,700 power bills! What is the cost per kilowatt there in AK?


In your grow journal you can post anything you want as long as it complies to forum policies
If you start that thread place it in the members lounge
Thats where we put anything that doesn’t have to donwith growing
In fact we have a thread called the morning garden part 3 stop in there and say hello it where many members stop to bs about life and whatever bro @Dkr8180
The dyi rosin press thread is cool :sunglasses:


@Countryboyjvd1971 thanks! Man, literally the more I look through this site and the more directions I’m getting from awesome members the more I love this forum community!


Thats great bro
Im sure if you spend a little more time here
Youll find yourself considering the members of this forum like extended family
This place quickly became my second home
The members are awesome and friendly
We dont put up with the jerks in the world here
If someone cant be respectful and polite
Administration will get rid of them
Since its a peer based learning forum
We try hard to keep it non judgmental and friendly
Fyi im a soil guy so i dont know a bunch about the hydro i do know enough to get myself in trouble with it lol
So if they do answer a question you know why lol
Tag me when you start the dyi thread im sure ill get plenty of good ideas :bulb:
:v:️ Bro need to crash 230am comes fast and i need to get up for work
Happy growing @Dkr8180


@Countryboyjvd1971 will do. Thanks and good night.


The price per KW varies throughout AK. With out saying where I am specifically, I’ll say I’m in Southeast, Alaska. The price I have is about .10 a KW. We are hydroelectric powered, but when it gets shut down for maintenance for about 2 weeks the generator kicks on, and it’s fuel priced running at a KW. We all share the price of that when it runs. Two locomotive engines get thirsty! (I think we have a third for back up?) Generally the farther north you wander the more it is. Especially for groceries. @Dkr8180
Maybe @GreenThunder can share the KW price?


Wow @Covertgrower, .10/kw is awesome. I’m sure those generator fuel costs are up there but that’s still pretty dang amazing.
My plans are to do enough outdoor to supplement the cost of my electric…


@Dkr8180 don’t recommend outdoors here, it’s a rainforest… way too much a chance for rot and not enough sunny days.