Bad info...All that glitters ain't gold!


2nd grow… what do you guys think. I put the title as I did because over the last 10 and-a-half years of research and constant reading in cross-referencing the topic of growing marijuana, I have been overwhelmed by the amount of contradicting and flat out wrong information about those who offer up beautiful pictures but the information that they give could not have any way scientifically produced what they display.

week 2 flowering THC Bomb


Welcome to the forum @Dkr8180
Nice grow you have going
Is that one plant under a scrog or multiple in a sog set up


It’s 21 plants grown 2.5’ in a SOG setup. My first grow was 84 plants grow the same way with 10 different strains and it turned out pretty good but this go around with only 21 and the same strain, it’s a breeze…


Pics of my first.
Got 9 lbs…


Clone to flower

Nice @Hogmaster should check this out


What do you think about 33% Sulphuric Acid mixed at at 19:1 ration with distilled water as a ph down?
I have half the amount going out of the same reservoir that would normally supply 42 plants so I’m not having near as much of an issue maintaining perfect ppm but 1/2 way through the last grow with 84 total plants being supplied by 2 seperate reservoirs, a friend visiting from Humboldt Co showed me how to nix it and use it and it worked so well, remained stable so long, that I have used it ever since.



Welcome to ILGM

I am a soil guy, but I do admire your grow it’s quite awesome if i do say so myself.
You seem to have your grows down to a fine art there plus having a friend like that don’t hurt either…lol
But welcome to the show…


Dude, love your set up! Ladies looking good


Sweet system bro! You said 2.5’? It appears bigger than 2.5’x2.5…

@Bogleg check this out. Funny we were just talking about using the pvc!


@Dkr8180 welcome to the forum! Quite the set up. Soil grower here. A few questions if you have a moment…
Is there a reason your set up is so far off the ground?
Is this system a drain and fill?
Do the roots just fill the large pipe?
Does that cause blockages?
Any inside information about your grow, I would love to be educated.
As for the sulfuric acid I have no idea, but @Donaldj might know whether it’s safe enough to use. If not, he will know someone.


Very nice system Sulphuric isn’t what most choose but does work as ph down Nitric acid is a more plant friendly option but for the tiny amount needed to ph in most cases either would work and would be slightly more user friendly diluted.
Most ph down consists of nitric or citric not that companies want to openly admit and can be anywhere from 15-33% I would likely dilute half and half myself knocking it down to 17% just for ease of control


I love it! I am going to look at something like this - I have 10 feet of 2" PVC pipe lying around and a bunch of small net pots… I have a lot of projects lined up but this is something I will definitely look into.


Honestly im a soil guy @Donaldj is a hydro guy


For some reason I got locked out of the Forum yesterday due to being my first day I had too many responses so here we are the second day trying and I see that we have a lot of topics going on so I’m going to cover what I can all in one swoop … Only the 1st pic of my original post is of the 2.5’ ones which is of my current grow. (My 2nd hydro grow ever)
The other ones were of my 1st hydro grow last year and yes, they stretched out to about 3.5 and some as much as 4… That, however, was 10 different strains. I was a bit overzealous I know but like I said, that was my 1st indoor hydro grow and it was more experimenting with different strains to see how hydro was different than all the soil grows I"ve done.
I’ve grown both outdoor/indoor soil for years but this hydroponics is where it’s at!
The system is a NFT (Nutrient Film Technique. It’s on a 24/7 continuous flow rate.
It’s a SOG setup. Not a ‘DOG’ setup… yeah
The actual pipes are 4in PVC drain pipes. They aren’t the big heavy duty scheduled 40 or even the medium thickness, but rather the very thin wall lightweight pipe. I’d go with the 4in because the 2in is going to be too small since the roots do get pretty darn big in there. My last 4’ plant had 3’ of roots attached to it going down the pipe. But with 4in its plenty big enough and haven’t had any issue with clogging…
The system measures 7.5’ long x 7’ wide and consists on 2 sections. Each section measures 7.5’ long x 3.5 and’ consist of 3 pipes with 7 holes drilled in them giving you 21 plant sites per section and a complete system total of 42.
One section, the section with the supply pipe plumbed to it can be capped off where the rubber boot connector is at like I’m growing now to just employ 1/2 of a system… The other pics after the first one, again were of my 1st grow but you can see that it was 84 plants being grown in a room approx. 17’x12’, in 2 different systems.
I built the cradles stands 19" high and did it for a few reasons. I’m growing indoors on the SOG/LST method where the 3in netting baskets holding the plants are only 1’ apart both along the same pipe and the holes on the pipe beside it so i want my plants short and i dont want to have my lights hanging way down low causing me to have them in my face and heating up the room more by having too much space above the lights for heat to collect, making it difficult to properly control the climate and it’s 19’ high so it will be high enough to drain into the 20 gal recycle totes I use for reservoirs.
As stated they are constant flow systems, each powered by an ECO1110 sub pump, little overkill I know but I have a manifold setup where I can control how much water each tube gets, to kind of ‘tune’ it and also a 2" ball valve in the drain to control water levels in the pipes. I will include a few pics and maybe now that my 1st day cherry has been popped in this forum community and I went through my 1st day limit on responses, I will be able to be more prompt in my responses.
Thanks for the compliments and info from you guys. I look forward to picking each other’s brains.
*pics of it being built

This is one wonder woman plant from my first hydro SOG grow.


This is the 1/2 system. 21 unit capability which is all ive got going at this time due to moving.



Fantastic @Dkr8180 thanks for posting this. I love the set up. You got some great looking plants out of it! Again, welcome, and hope to see you around more often. Reading other posts and liking things gives you more posting privileges. You’ll get there eventually. Lots of good info on the site. Don’t forget to tag people when you respond using @Covertgrower so we get notified. @Bogleg @dbrn32 @MattyBear wasn’t sure if you set this to watching… ^^^^


Your system is a beast my man, plain and simple.
Nice work.
Glad to hear the 4in allows the roots enough room.
Watching for future greatness


Thank you @Covertgrower. @Bogleg @dbrn32 @MattyBear @Countryboyjvd1971 @DonaldJ
@Nug-bug @Bogleg @garrigan65 @MattyBear
I appreciate your tutelage on the workings of this site and your kind comments . It is by FAR the best all in one site ive found!


You’re welcome! No trolling allowed here, so most are helpful and are ready to tag someone who may know something more than they do! Im usually late in the mornings, but I’m also in AK, so my time is always behind. Lol. @Dkr8180
I’m on my second grow. All clones from my first one. I can tag you to my journal if you’d like. Lots of trial and errors.