Bad idea to pull the plug..?

Seed planted Dec 20th, sprouted Dec 24th on all 3 pretty sure I have them too much water too early on. It has been 5days since I last watered and the bags still feel saturated almost like pretty heavy. I also noticed what appeared to be mold starting on the top of the coco (had floraflex cap on) the growth has been very slow and the plants have been looking very sick. I’ve been trying to let them dry out but it’s taking so long.
Was wondering if it would be a bad idea to give up on them and start over. Obviously not water them as much that early on

Mix up some peroxide n water 3 tbs per qt sprayer and spray everything including the plants just before you turn off the lights for the night. This will kill off the mold and give the girls a shot of oxygen should perk em up a little. Did you mix in some perlite or equivalent with your coco if not that’s why it won’t dry out it’s become to compact. I wouldn’t throw em but I would definitely think about repotting them


Haha ur on another roll bro. Repotting would likely help. You always want to add an amendment to help with drainage to out the bag mediums. I add perlite to soil. Vermiculite is a great amendment to coco.

Also at such a young age, you dont have to water the entire pot. Just around the edges (ok a bit further then edge, they not babies). But definitely not drenching all ur soil every watering. The roots cant be that spread so soon.

Your plant is showing slightly burnd tips (i call it painting their nails, its a slight abundance of N). Thats the level of feeding (Nitrogen wise) i aim for but its a TAD too hot.

It is also showing slight yellowing between the veins. Am i seeing that correctly? If so you should start adding calmag to your watering. Coco is a calmag LEECH and if you supplement kinda early and often ull see issues.


Those green plastic things on your soil are probably restricting the airflow quite a bit, keeping your soil wet for longer and providing a great environment for mold to grow.

If it was me, I’d remove them to get some more air going through your soil and let them dry out.


I removed them last night that’s how I seen the mold on the top of the coco, today is 5days of no water and they still seem like they got some weight to them. Not really sure man shitty feeling seeing them look like this

Try repotting or if you don’t want to do that maybe get your drill and drill a dozen holes around the bottom of your pots that will add some air

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It can be a little disheartening but honestly, they aren’t that bad. One of my current plants hasn’t been watered for 12 days and she’s loving it, just to give you an idea of watering practices when they are young.

I think you should remove the soil covers, permanently, and make sure your fan is getting plenty of air across the soil. It’s gonna take awhile for it to dry out, since the roots arent taking up much water yet.

Scoop out that mold too, and get rid of it, then stir the top soil around a little bit to get rid of any moisture pockets.

Then just leave her alone. Hard to do, but it’s all she needs right now.


Thanks definitely going to do so, covers have been removed!

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did some one say paint the nails …

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Oh snap look at that picture time missed it by a minute!! 4:21

Don’t give up! These girls aren’t your duck lipped selfie kinda gals. They’re tough and sexy like truck stop hookers. Here are two pictures of the same girl I’ve currently got locked up in the basement.


Dang!!! Sweet and I’m not I decided to just keep seeing what can be done letting them dry out, remove about an half in or so of the top coco to move the mold, then once dry I plan on doing just only water to see if anything helps


I’d recommend not getting rid of them. I don’t think they will fail but if they do you will still learn a lot. Coco is different to grow in. I have two plants in coco right now and I’m still learning what to do.


I decided not to. I did do a flush I believe it was salt build up ppm/TDs was sky high, the plant covers really set me back trapping the moisture/keeping them wet for to long. They ain’t perfect but they are looking better the new growth!


Are those bags plastic?

Yes they are FloraFlex quick fill bags 1gal

Are they all plastic? How do they drain?

When they sit there are “slits” they actually drain pretty good I think at least. I can pour a pop bottle of water/feed in them and I get some decent run off to check…

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