Bad genes, sex of plant?

Hello guys, I have been growing for about 2-3 months now and one of my plants is confusing me. I cannot tell the sex of the plant, and have no idea why it seems to be growing so slow. I also have no idea what strain it is that I’m growing because I found this seed and planted it. Could it be bad genetics? Can you tell if it’s a boy or girl? It was transplanted about 1and a half - 2 months ago…

Looks lady like to me in pre flower

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Hope you got some air circulation.

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Definitely got some air but she just seems to be growing reallyyyy slow

She could be doing alot of dancing under the dirt you don’t see getting ready to make bulk above.

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She’s crazy looking. Was this a monster crop clone or something?

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I know right!! No I started this as a seed and this is what she’s turned into! No idea why she’s growing so wide and so slow

Are you monitoring pH, and do you feed after lights turn on, or before lights go out?

No I’m not I started off with Fox Farm Ocean Forrest. I can check the pH. And I feed when the lights are on, is it better to feed them with the lights off?

It’s important to pH your nutrient solution. Fox farm drops the pH of the solution super low. it’s best to feed when lights turn on. Later in the day/end of day can possibly lead to weird formation of leaves, mixed with wrong pH could give you a lot of weird side effects, not eating, deficiencies, salt build up, and stunting which some plants are prone to.

Next time you feed make sure your nutrient solution is 6.5-6.8. Then check the pH and TDS in the run off.