Bad Beans? Is this normal?

Hello fellow growers, Im still new to this on my 3rd cycle and this morning i found that my 2week old 2" tall Auto wedding cake has hairs on the top like its starting to flower already. Anyone have any ideas why this is happening? Or is it just genetics? I bought the seeds from ILGM never had an issue like this.


Im definitely not an auto guy but id say genetics and it might be fast to finish

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That was my thought. May yield an 8th hahaha

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Cant judge a book by its cover you just never know. It may grow more flowers than leaves

Autos have their own agenda. I only grew 1 free auto.

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Very true! Time will tell. :+1:

You had better start another.
How many days old is she?

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These are the other girls i planted them all at the same time. Thier about 15 days old. Started off a little slow at first but now thier stacking pretty well


15 days and into full flower. Nuts. I guess that is why I don’t trust autos. The others look normal (the small one hiding in the small pot?). Normal veg time for autos is 28 days ±. I’ve had them go 55 days. I switched to photos and never regretted it.
Good luck the rest of the way.
I also like to keep things simple and grow one strain at a time.


May i ask about your set up. Its easy to point fingers at a seed, specially an auto, with that said, I’m learning too.

Type of soil and nutes that have been applied, lights, how long of duration under lights? Ie…12/12

Just looking at an thing that might trigger early flowering.

Anything special done to germinate, how was the seed germinated? Soaked in ? If anything?

I’m trying to be a sponge a soak up anything that prevents us from having an issue.

Example, a well respected journal i read and use on current grow had hermie issues. He was quick to note others had issues with that strain blamed seed bank.
That current grow, he tried total new medium and new nutes. During that journal, he mentioned having alot of “other nutes” left over from lots of other grows. He used a dab of this and that along the way.
Being uneducated and learning, that has been in the back of my head.

Im sure that is question for the breeders and most experienced on the possibility of too many nutes, or an overdose of certain mineral that promotes faster flowering or even hermies.

That journal is what i wanted, easy, and is producing nicely, i just follwed the original recipe without any adjustments of our own.

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I started with autos. Growing in a 3x3 gorilla tent, fox farm ocean forest soil and FF Trio of nutrients. Pretty typical for a beginner. The main light was a Kind K3 XL600. I quickly added 4 photo boost LED strips from Pacific Light Concepts (no longer in business). Combined, the set up drew 450 wats.
Always ran either 20/4 or 18/6 light schedule.
Nothing special re germinating. Water, a little hydrogen peroxide, paper towel and dark satellite receiver for warmth. Put sprouts in good seedling mix. Transplanted to 3 or 5 gallon fabric pots.
I grew white widow, amnesia haze, blueberry and jack herer autos. All is soil, most using FF trio. Searching for better bud, I switched to advanced nutrients - a lot of it.

After jack herer I switched to photos. Eventually, changed from soil to coco with one grow in HP Peat. When I changed to coco I also switched to Jacks. Because it is a blast growing I build a closet and added autopots to the mix. I run HLG 260 rspecs in the closet.
I’d suggest scanning through my journals. They are fairly detailed with lots of photos. Most recent is GDP to start the new year


I have a 4×4 mars tent, 2 HLG300L rspec 5gal fabric pots using fox farm and strawberry fields at the bottom. No nutes yet i usually wait about 5-6 weeks before i start feeding. Ive been using the bergmans nutes from ILGM site. This is the 1st time its happened. Its been about 15 days from sprout.

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My bad. My light schedule is 18/6 from the start never changed light schedule. 24" above canopy.

My reading used to be concentrated on livestock management and bass fishing, now its threads on growing an illegal plant, but most intriguing weed.

I saw a t shirt at the sports arena swapmeat in san diego 1981, God made grass man made booze, who do you trust?

Always promoted that belief. I look forward to reading your journeys through your journals,
Ive taken alot away ftom each journal.

I enjoy Hippierunner1 and LJ, always positive vibes,
Graysin and Newbie84 always johnny on the spot willing to help, many others, lately…
Fieldofdreams and posse Best explained a 60 + old guy jumping into a mosh pit for the first time.
They having some fun while hidden in their journal.

In the middle, some great info on the passion, the common thread that brought most together. Growing a beautiful plant.


The small one is an experiment. I didnt expect the seed to pop but it did lol i didnt want her to go to waste.i had 1 seed from a few strains so i planted them all.


I always enjoyed my run ins with smallies.


My biggest smallie came from Wyoming.
Just read Smiley had two 300L s. My bad.


When were seeds germinated?

I soaked them on the 9th of oct and put them in a paper towel the next day after they all sunk. Took about 2 days for them to pop. Planted them in 1gal pots and only transplanted one into a 5gal pot. I just found out when i got home i have two of them doing the same thing now. Wedding cake.

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That’s really fast. Did you transplant them, or been here from the start?