Bad beanpole on my new ladies

Why are my ladies beanpoling

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Lights too far away and could use a little oscillating fan to beef up the “pole”.

You should if it doesn’t also drill holes in the bottom of that pot.

More than likely the light is to far away and it’s trying to grow with the direction of the light. I had to use two zip ties to make a V pattern so I could put one of my babies straight up.

I think the fan was to much for it on the one corner of the tent. It’s now corrected. These remind me of how Sun Flowers grow…towards the light.

How far away from the light should be keeping mine but right now all I have is a little 40 W grow locks bulb. By the end of the week I will have my 32 x 32 x 60” tent and a 225 W good bulb

I burnt two of them up because they were too close to the thousand watt light. Now the big tent is just for my flowering

Start gradually lowering the light to find the sweet spot. Check the temp with the back of your hand under the light. If it’s comfortable for you it’s ok for your plant.

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Thanks for your help

So will it shock my newborns if I put them outside on sunny days then back in the tent after sundown

I don’t think it will shock them long as you have warm weather.

Will be 60-70 warm enough?

I agree with @MrPeat, it won’t likely shock your plants. Just be aware that all kinds of bugs and spores will get on your plants and when you bring them indoors, the nasties come with them.

Many expert growers here do take their plants outside to take advantage of the sun.

So do you guys think this light will be sufficient for a vegetation stage in a 32 x 32 x 60 grow tent

I sadly started with the same light. I tried for about 1 week and my plant was stretching like yours. I upgraded to two 300 watt led boards and its so much better. I still usrethat light to clone and to start seeds. Oh and my tent is tiny. 20 inches by 20 inches by 48. Good luck @Dmy

For me, it seems that sometimes they get leggy, and sometimes not, but they end up ok when get into larger containers and can set the plants low in the soil so some of the stem is buried. Factors, distance from light, intensity of lights, watch inverse square law for light, covering of germination container, and I imagine strain and just that particular seed. There seems to be a lot of variability between seeds, which can be good as you can select the plants that work best for your particular environment. Have fun! D