Backyard Spring 2019 ILGM Auto mix pack

6th year growing in the backyard ( NW Indiana ). This year I will plant Auto’s earlier in spring so
I can get 2 grows / harvests of the “Auto plants” and my annual normal grow in summer
for my Super Silver Haze (fem) and Maui Wowie (fem).
Simple setup with Fox Farm Ocean Forest and Happy Frog soil. Using PH adjusted tap water.

Germinated 6 seeds from the ILGM “Auto flower mix pack”.
1 Blueberry was a dud. But 5/6 is not bad.

2 Amnesia Haze,
2 Northern Lights
1 Blueberry

Here are the sprouts on May 10th

Here they are May 20

And on May 30th ( I figure about 4 weeks from sprouting )


:checkered_flag: Looking good, all healthy and well on the way!

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They’re on track :smile: good luck

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Now in June and they are really starting to take off

Here they are as of June 5

Wow, those girls are growing like a weed :cowboy_hat_face::smiley:
Looking good.

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Here is the backyard grow as of June 10

Both Amnesia Haze plants look great ( two largest ) Here is a view looking down at the top of the tallest AH plant

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One of the Northern Lights plants was getting chewed on the last few days. Shows some damage as seen here

The 2nd NL plant and the Blueberry both look fine. Only the 1 plant shows the damage.

I went through something similar with an outdoor plant. Turned out to be spotted cucumber Beatles. They only got one plant (Dutch Crunch photo) and left the others alone. Organic bug juice didn’t slow them down. I put several fly strips and yellow sticky cards out and slowed them way down. They seem to be gone now.

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Have not found the culprit, but did not touch the other 4 plants. Seemed to happen over a 2 day period and now OK for a couple days.

Wishing you the best

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Had a rainy weekend, humidity up and really missing that sunshine. Have to keep moving the plants around to keep them out of the direct rain. Here is the group on June 15

From left - 2 Northern Lights, 1 Blueberry , 2 Amnesia Haze
All of them Autos at about 6 weeks old.

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I love Blueberry!

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Here is the backyard today, just getting my 3 Mowie Wowie (fem) started. Have 3 new sprouts plus another Northern Lights (Auto) . The original grow of 5 Autos is coming along nicely. I figure they are about 54 days old now - almost 8 weeks. One of the Northern Lights seems to react to everything. It’s the only one that shows PM spots in the morning after rain/humidity. And the only one that reacted to the 2nd feeding of notes ( FoxFarm trio ).

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Those autos are looking nice.

Here is how the group of Autos look on July 6. Plants are almost 9 weeks old.

Below is the top of a Northern Lights Auto


Also got some more sprouts going on 3 Mowie Wowie , 1 Super Silver Haze and 1 Northern Lights


Here is the backyard grow all coming along nicely. The 5 Autos are now 10 weeks from seed.

Here is one of the Amnesia Haze Autos top. 10 weeks from seed

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This is the top of the Blueberry Auto