Backyard ILGM Super Skunk & Super Silver Haze


3rd Season growing in backyard. My first attempt at journal.

7 Plants = 3 ILGM Super Skunk (fem) , 3 ILGM Super Silver Haze (fem) , 1 Royal Madre (Royal Queen)
All grown outdoor in Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil .
Got late start this year - all sprouts came up over July 4 weekend. Nothing but water and sun for a month. All plants were topped at 5th/6th set of leaves.

Here is how they all looked at 1 month (8/5/16).


Last year I tried to control the budding with 12/12 by moving plants each nite into my garage. It worked great but was a lot of work ( I’m 60 now ) so this year I planted later and am letting mother nature have control. First signs of pistils showed August 20 - 23 . So I would say they had 7 weeks of vegetative growth.

At 7 weeks old (8/25/16)

I had 2 Royal Madre plants going but 1 was male so I chopped it and then transplanted the lone Royal Madre into big white pot.


Here is the group at 2 months (9/3/16) / 1 week into flower .


All are looking great . This year I am using the Fox Farm Tiger Bloom nutrient in my 24 hr old tap water.

Here they are at about 2nd week of flower (9/11/16)


This post brings me up to date (9/17/16) . About 3 weeks into flower.

Closeup ILGM Super Skunk

Closeup ILGM Super Silver Haze

Closeup Royal Madre


Nice can’t wait to see the swell on those ones! Good job


you got it going on happy growihg :sunglasses:


What a beautiful sight to have in your yard! :v:


Thanks, I love having morning coffee in the backyard garden


Plants look amazing great job


Spending time around your girls while working in the sun is one of the many reasons why I plan to always have a grow in my yard.

I plan on trying indoor growing, but there can be no comparison, in my opinion.

Great job!


So the last few days the 3 Super Skunk plants have all started up with spots on leaves. All 3 Super Silver Haze look great. I suspect ph is off / manganese deficiency ? I am using Fox Farm Tiger Bloom in 24hr old tap water every other watering, and thats it at this point. The plants have not been getting as much direct sunlight this year as neighbors tree is shading my grow area by 3pm. I have been really lucky the last 2 years with very few problems to speak of .

Any and all input is appreciated.


Been really humid lately and am now fighting off some powdery mildew on the Super Skunk plants . Also not trusting my soil ph meter as it always reads 6.5 . I have been reading about checking the ph on the runoff. What is easiest and most economical way to test ?


Here is how the garden grows. This is about a month after first showing signs of pistils. This year will be the latest into the year I have tried growing outdoors , hope the weather holds up for another 4-6 weeks here in Indiana .

Photo date - 9/25/16


Been a lousy week , very little sunshine , too much rain. Been yellowing and losing some leaves . I gave up on the ph soil meter and got a pH pen after doing a little reading on this site ( Thanks @ktreez420 ) Found out that my tap water after sitting for 24hrs is at 8.0 ( before adding nutrients ). Also got some pH up/down and am now hopefully getting that under control . About 5 weeks into flower I figure , a funky week , but as I seem to say each crop you are never to old to keep learning . Hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow and I’ll post some new pics.


Here is the backyard on 10/2/16 . About 5 weeks into flower

I have backed off all nutrients( 4 days now) and am just now starting to water with pH 6.5 water. I will retest runoff tomorrow . I have never really done the flushing people talk about and not sure if it would be helpful going forward .


Beautiful grow, I have a plant that is "supposed to be a White Widow Auto but very much looks like your Royal Madre at the same growth period Hmmm… what do I know , just a newbie here.


I would say back , the plant we are speaking of is "supposed to be a Royal Madre but very much looks like your White Widow Hmmm… what do I know , I’m just trusting the seeds I got 2 years ago from another unnamed vendor. I bought 10 seeds ( WW + Royal Madre + Amnesia Haze ) and came in generic plastic bag with markings. Only 1 of the 10 seeds germinated. I love what I grew but when I went and compared my supposed Royal Madre with other pictures mine looked so different. Even there own description of a relatively compact plant is not what I got. I would not be surprised at this point if it was not the proper strains that I got or mismarked. Hell it is great smoke but now 2 years later I am trusting ILGM only . The plants from ILGM look the way there supposed to and I am getting about a 95% germination rate on there seeds.


So far so good with ILGM seeds, 90% plus germination, I’m still looking into that one plant though, I"ll post pics and let you know what I got. Its just interesting.


Since you’re not sure if flushing is for you, I would suggest trying it with just 2 or 3 of them. This will give you the chance to see if it will be worth your time on future grows.

It’s one of the things I enjoy about this forum. While there are tried and true methods, you are still encouraged to experiment and find the best method for you personally.

Experiment and enjoy your plants. Report your findings and conclusions. We all benefit from success and failure in this.

Nice job there…