Backyard 2018 ILGM Potpourri of flavors


5th annual summertime grow. This years crop is both controlled and uncontrolled.
Controlled grow.
I just harvested first WW(auto) yesterday.
Still have 7 plants going . All different strains, sizes and shapes.
1 Girl Scout Cookie Extreme (fem)
1 Super Skunk (fem)
1 Super Silver Haze (fem)
1 Gold Leaf (fem)
1 unknown (ILGM strain label fell off- and can’t remember which strain )
2 White Widow (auto)

The uncontrolled grow is my 4th generation Royal Madre (not ILGM) which I am just letting grow “wild”.
When I planted my last Royal Madre seed 4 years ago I never imagined that I would still be growing this strain.
So this year its just growing on its own - in the ground. The only thing I have done is top it when It started getting so big, so fast. I have just started giving them (3 plants) the leftover water from my 5 gal bucket mixed with Fox Farm plant food/nutes. I just toss whats left in the bucket right at the roots.


Looking good woohoo


Looking very nice! Outta likes but loving it! Howd u get to 4th gen? Cloning or a few straggling seeds (luck :joy:)


The 1st gen was 2014 produced a handful of seeds from 5 oz harvest. 2015 had 1 plant from them.

2016 used rest of 2014 seeds - 1 large plant - harvested 10+ ounces and ended up leaving some small buds on the remaining stem in the pot, outside over the winter.

Next 2017 spring I found a small new plant had started up in the same pot. So transplanted it.

It grew tall and wispy with tons of small buds but became root bound. I harvested the best looking buds and left the rest on the plant until thanksgiving before chopping down.

Now this year I have 3 plants that grew right where the 2017 plant sat.


Here is how the backyard looks 8/26.

All plants have started to flower now.

I just harvested the 2nd WW Auto plant this week and have 1 left that is 10 weeks old tomorrow.


I like this :+1:t3:


Right on! Goes to show u. Even though the plants are annuals. Given the right environment they can and will keep themselves (or their genetics thru offspring) rolling. Beautiful thing.


Just harvested the last of the WW Autos.

I’m putting this one in the BOM for Sept


Here is backyard grow as of Sept 8.

Girl Scout Cookie Extreme , ILGM surprise

Gold Leaf , Super Skunk , Super Silver Haze

Silver Haze tops

lots of little buds


Looking LOVELY! How tall is that last one? :heart_eyes: i bet all those mini buds merge and form one big superbud :joy:


Here is update on backyard grow - weather has not been good. Either too much humidity or sudden thunderstorms drenching everything. I lost the main branch of the giant plant growing in the ground. Huge windstorm shredded and snapped it last week. Now getting colder and dropping into the low 50’s at nite.
The Girl Scout Cookie Extreme does not seem to like it, and has changed in color (bud’s changed to red color in just the last few days). The GSCE plant acts like it’s trying to finish up but it has only been about 48-50 days in flower.

Here is the Girl Scout Cookie Extreme


Had to bring the plants inside the garage overnight as temps are in the mid-30’s the last 2 nights.
Very difficult growing conditions this year. Not getting the daytime sunlight I want and need, too wet and humid overall. Now here comes the COLD. My GSCE and Super Silver Haze plants are reacting and acting like they are wanting to finish up early. By my count I am only at 7 1/2 weeks of flower time and was not planning on harvest for a few weeks yet. Took a look at the trichs and not looking ready yet. But with the weather being what it is I am a bit worried about mold/but rot. Trying to watch close

Here is the GSCE

Super Silver Haze


Nice looking plants and I luv the color on the GSCE


Yup the GSCE is a beautiful girl. SSH is swelling too. But that cookie is just crazy


Decided to harvest the Silver Haze and Girl Scout Cookie Extreme. Found a little mold in the Silver Haze largest bud and that was it. I lost 40% of my grow last year to mold and mildew and am not going to wait and watch it happen again.


Finished up the last of this years backyard harvest.

Ended up with about 15oz total in jars from the 5 (fem) and 3 (auto) plants. Lost 2-3 oz to mold/mildew but overall a better year than last year. Growing outdoors in Indiana the last 2 years has been a challenge.

A few years ago my total harvest was 39oz but this years quality is the best I’ve grown in 3 years. I have been smoking the White Widow most of the summer but just now getting a taste of the Super Silver Haze and Girl Scout Cookie Extreme and both are great. All 5 flavors are in different stages of curing and the different smells and tastes are intoxicating.

What is your favorite strain at the moment (growing & smoking)