Backyard 2017 ILGM Grow 5 Flavors Journal

4th annual summertime nwinbackyard grow. Going for 5 flavors this year.
Simple setup using 100% Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil . Last year I used a 82/20 mix of FFOF
5/30 Started to germinate 4 Autos to start ( 2 AK-47 & 2 White Widow)
All 4 sprouted but lost an AK-47 in the first 3 days.

Here are the 3 Autos on June 15

First image is the AK-47 (Auto)

The Next two are the White Widow’s (Auto)

This is my first time growing “Autos” . I do not plan on any cloning or topping with these. Any input on feeding nutes and the timing with these is appreciated.
Coming soon will be 2 Girl Scout Cookie (fem) , 1 Gold Leaf (fem) , 2 Super Silver Haze (fem) . All ILGM seeds.


They look nice, I had trouble with my Ak auto, she is done now but I get a little more growing time in than up your way. It had some root trouble from my rookie transplant if I was to guess. However still did her best, about 16 inch high total and bud tasted sweet.
I also use fox farm ocean forest, and would swear by it to anyone as it has been good to me.
Please let me know how to super silver haze comes out, I buy that in CO when I go there at times, nice zz. I also have multiple flavors going, Autos on second batch which are Pakistan Ryder and 2 x Critical Mass. Larger fems are Moby Dick, Crystal, Trainwreck, and Carmelicious. So far so good in my heat in area, being down by vegas we get hot down here. Even at 120f outside, I’ve got the greenhouse running around 97f, plants seen ok and I would consider this weeks heat our extreme.
Good luck with the grow


@LVMD nice grow

@nwinbackyard looking good :+1:

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Good luck with your grow.
I’ll be following along.

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Thank you, it’s getting crowded in the greenhouse. I’ll be able to free up some space soon 1-2 weeks as my autos are about ready. The heat wave took it’s toll a little, but nothing bad, even at 120f outside, greenhouse ran about 99f so my watering and misting below bucket line is working out well.
thx again



Here are the three Autos on June 22 , All coming along nicely

6/22 Also now getting ready for the next 5 (Fem) . Germinating 2 GSC, 1GL , 2 SSH now.

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Here they all are on July 3rd

Below is the AK-47 Auto ( A little over 4 weeks old )

And here are the 2 White Widow Autos ( just over 4 weeks and pre-flower showing )


Here are pics of the 5 just starting as of July 3rd

Gold Leaf (fem)

2 Girl Scout Cookie (fem)

2 Super Silver Haze (fem)

This year looks like 8 plants from 9 ILGM seeds germinated.
The 3 Autos are just now beginning to show signs of pre-flower . Getting ready to break out the nutrients.

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Here is the backyard group taken 7/9/17

Closeup of the AK-47 (Auto)

Two White Widow (Auto)


Beautiful plants keep up the good work.

Here is the backyard grow as of 7/20/17

I just topped the 4 plants in the front today ( 1 GSC , 1 Gold Leaf , 2 Silver Haze )

My Girl Scout Cookie plant appears to be tasty as something has been busy munchin on the first few sets of leaves


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Here is this years crop on Aug 1st. The 3 Auto’s are at 8 weeks since sprouting. The other 5 plants are about 4 weeks old at this point. Also I just started 1 more AK-47 Auto that sprouted 7/29.


Back yard crop on 8/11/17


Holy cow!! Awesome

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These are the 3 Auto’s that are almost 10 weeks old . Checked the buds with my scope and got a good mix of clear and cloudy , but no amber yet. The largest on the left is AK-47 , the two on the right side are White Widow , and the newest in the front is another AK-47 that is 2 weeks old.


Looks great,and ol big girl in the back​:astonished::money_mouth_face:

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Backyard grow dated 8/19/17 . The 3 Autos are at 11 weeks and about ready to harvest. The other 5 (2 GSC, 2 SSH, 1 GL) are now a little over 7 weeks old and still in veg. The little one in the white pot is a new AK-47 Auto about 3 weeks old.

The big tall wispy plant is my 3rd generation “Royal Madre” (not ILGM) that started on its own in last years container and was 6 inches tall when I found it and even though I kind of ignored it when it acted like it was not going to make it , it just keeps growing " like a weed" . I know its probably root bound, but I just keep watering it and it is now in pre-flower stage.


Had to make some room, greenhouse crowded. So I raised it up some to give the girls some room. These pics were at begin of Aug., they are much larger now and budding out now that light has started to decrease.


Been busy in last few weeks. Harvested all 3 autos . So here are a few pics of whats still growing in the backyard as of Sept , 6th

Gold Leaf

Super Silver Haze 1

Super Silver Haze 2

Girl Scout Cookie Extreme 1

Girl Scout Cookie Extreme 2

AK-47 Auto